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  1. AQUAPHOR! I can't understand why people would use anything else!
  2. I have been on accutane a mere week. My back hurts sooooo bad! I'm only on 40mg a day, but I am seriously beginning to think this is not worth the trouble. Chemical peels and a steady round of spiro can help. I think I'm gonna lay down the box
  3. KEVO!!!! AHH!!!

  4. hello friend! =)

  5. Thank youu :)

    I use ProActiv religously :)

    As to taking care of my scars, I've recently been looking into chemical peels.

    I've had 3 PCA Peels done professionally (SO expensive..100$ each...) and I JUST bought a 100% TCA Peel on EBay like 2 seconds ago :)