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  1. Oh thanks for the info^^ It's quite sad since I've seen the Aquafina Spray before it has been discontinued but I'd never bother to buy one. But from all the youtube videos I've watched, especially from enkoremakeup, he raved about the mac fix spray:D I'm definately going to buy one tomorrow. I would look for a cheaper alternative but I feel that the benefits you get from the mac fix spray won't be included in a drugstore version. I just hope I don't breakout from using it
  2. How much is the mac fix spray? and does it help set your makeup for the whole day? I'm really tempted to buy this because the other poster said that said the Aquafina facial spray has already been discontinued
  3. Anyway, the tiny pimple I got near my temple is quickly disappearing. I noticed that I have some dead skin on two of my red marks. I want to peel it off but I think it would be best if I just let it run its course and let it shed on their own. The color of my two red marks slightly changed into a brownish color. (not sure if that's a good thing or not) I hope the dead skin comes off soon..its really bugging me. The 2 red marks looks like light-brown spots when I put my foundation on and it was
  4. So does anyone think I should add more products to my regimen (Delna's) because mine is pretty simple compared to everyone else Anything besides glycolic acid (I've tried the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion and it broke me out really badly) (BTW in the two pictures, I'm NOT wearing any makeup whatsoever. Just in case anyone was wondering) Edit: Changed the 2nd pic to another one, its much bigger)
  5. Morning: Baking Soda Apple Cider Vinegar (wash off after 10 mins) Aloe Vera Night: Baking Soda Apple Cider Vinegar (wash off after 10 mins Egg Whites with a squeeze of lemon juice (wash off after 10 mins) Aloe Vera MONTH 1 Week 1: I only used Baking Soda, ACV & Aloe Vera (No Egg Whites). Also for the first 2 weeks, besides the 7th day of the 2nd week, I didn't wash off the ACV and left it for the whole morning and night We
  6. No, no one ever said anything about my skin, good or bad. As crazy as this sound, every time i go outside, I expect some random person to come up to me and ask me something about my skin. The only person that criticize my skin is myself. My mom, whom for many years have always mentioned something bad about my skin, told me how good it looks, but with the emotional scars and the constant feeling never being good enough overshadows any compliments from other people. Maybe that person was just cu
  7. Yeah, there are days where I don't look at myself in the mirror and point out imperfections but it always comes back. For example when I'm in the elevator, its hard to avoid not seeing yourself in the mirror and that often leads me obsessively worrying about my skin the moment I get out of the apartment, which pretty much ruins my whole day. Also when I get a ride I see my own reflection in the car window which shows all my imperfections. Its like no matter how clear my skin is ( before I had
  8. Yes, I believe I have it. It's ruining my life. I always check my appearance on a mirror or any reflective objects just so I can point out the flaws (acne) I've taken many pictures close up without makeup and it doesn't show what I see when I look at myself in the mirror. I've recorded a video of my face so I can prove that I do have acne but nothing ever shows up and when it does, its not as bad as I pictured it. I asked my mom and she said how a derm will just think I'm nuts if I asked her to
  9. I use makeup but everyone commented how natural it looks, which is absurd because I have blush, eyeliner, mascara and foundation on. The only one who criticizes my makeup is my brother. He sees me putting my "face" on everyday and he'd say I should just stop wearing it because most guys can't tell if a girl is wearing any makeup or not unless its super thick and over the top. Then he'd say that guys prefer natural girls, but I always see him ogling at those celebrities who has layers and layers
  10. You look great; you got nothing to worry about I can't see anything wrong with your skin and I think we have the same camera (P.S: I'm 5'1 and I weigh 115 and my parents think I'm too fat HAHA)
  11. I actually like those bright fluorescent lighting especially at drugstores and any mirrors that is not the ones I have at home. For some weird reason, I look really different when I checked myself in my house mirror I look so much worse and when I catch a glimpse of myself on one of those long mirror at the mall, I'm quite shocked because my skin look flawless (talk about false advertising) I can't stand it that I avoid looking at it at any cost...I broke 3 mirrors so far (my mom got mad at me
  12. AHH I feel like a loser. I went out today with my friends and I couldn't help but think about my face the whole time. I always do this when I go out with my friends who all have perfect skin. I'm so envious of them, its pathetic really. I could tell that my negative energy started rubbing off on them so by the end of the day it was just full of awkward silences. I know I'm really selfish for ruining the night for being so concerned and vain but I dont know how to stop. It has become so natural
  13. I've been using ACV twice a day for 2 weeks now. The first week it cleared my active pimples and faded some of my recent red marks (it kinda turned light brown for some reason..) But around the second week, I've been breaking out in tiny zits where I'm normally clear of acne. I dilute the ACV 50/50 with water and I haven't added any new products to my regimen.. Basically I use a cleanser, dab ACV toner on my face and then apply moisturizer after. Are my breakouts normal or should I stop usi
  14. My 7 year old cousin told me how I was ugly and that I have red dots on my face. I know he didn't mean it but being told that still hurts. Even to this day, it still pains me terribly that other people may think the same.
  15. Yeah I know I have to eventually go out. I just cant seem to stop worrying so much about my skin and how other people perceive me. I've been meaning to go find a job since I don't want to rely on my parents anymore but having social anxiety makes it so much more difficult. I stopped going to social events with my family and friends just because I can't bare to go outside where there are a lot of people.