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  1. I'm tempted to put my 50% in a phial with the lid off until it evaporates to 50% of the volume, and then, voila! 100% TCA. Non?
  2. Very wrong, but... Cheapest topical EVAH!! (Gross guys, c'mon, don't even try this. Try a regular protein rich mask if you must.)
  3. At least the pimples stave off the wrinkles a little though, y'know.
  4. Yep. Sounds burnt. Try some pure aloe vera gel.
  5. dindin

    Pic: My scars

    Hi Yogi, They are icepicks, yes, but extremely small and not on a very noticable area on your nose. The best thing, I think, would be to try a TCA peel rather than cross on the area. I TCA crossed my nose with no probs, but they much bigger than that, and I had several more. You could try TCA on one to see how it goes. But really, your skin is fine. The less you do to it the better.
  6. You must be very happy with your results! Your skin looks very good- hard to believe that you had scarring! Thankyou for the photos, I know that many people on this board find it very encouraging to see positive results.
  7. because a similar thread was just started... BUMP
  8. Thankyou so much for all the replies so far....any other takers? The greater the participants the better!! Well, guess i should do mine. Is your skin dry, oily, normal or combination? dry Active acne? no Age? 26 Complexion type? type 2 (light, likely to tan) Degree of scarring? mild Diet (mainly junky, kind of normal, healthy etc?) normal, sometimes junk food reign supreme Heredity (do your parent/s have acne or scarring) one parent had acne Percentage of face scarred? 25-30% Pore si
  9. With all the treatments available, different people have had different results and I thought that it might be helpful if we described our skin history to help those deciding to choose a treatment method. In other words what worked for you, and what your skin type is. Consider... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Is your skin dry, oily, normal or combination? Active acne? Age? Complexion type? Degree of scarring? Diet (mainly junky, kind of
  10. Hi Drew...really great results, congrats!! I did a 25% tca peel about 1.5 weeks ago also with good results...althought there is still some scarring it is definetely shallower, and the surrounding skin much more even, overall a great effect! Like you I only did certain areas of my face...apples of cheeks and area just between/above eyes. This was definitely the way too go, as I did not care about going out in public...funny that.
  11. Hi, you are lucky because your unscarred skin is really quite good- there is lots of different types of treatments for your icepick/boxcar scarring. You could consider needling, TCA cross, punch floats, super copper peptides...well heaps of options. These are all described in the pinned thread FAQ. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=5996 It's up to you what sounds right- you'll have to do alot of trawling through the pages. Most recently super copper peptides and TCA cross ha
  12. hey. broken skin i would count as a fresh cut/graze. In general I find a scab is OK to apply things to. neat means straight up, like a scotch neat. They usually require you to dilute the substance (in your case TT oil) as it may be too strong/potent when applied undiluted and may burn or irritate the skin. I would perhaps try diluting it with sobelene or another mild cream you may already use in you skin regime.
  13. hi...while i was living in melbourne i got mine from loganwood skincare (online), and the delivery was pretty quick too!
  14. I'm surprised that there's been no improvement whatsoever. Where did you get your TCA from?
  15. Hi, Looks like you have lovely skin, but there is a board for redmarks in the scar forums that might like to know that, I WISH the indented ones were that easy to get rid of!!!