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  1. Hi,

    I don't want to tell you it definitely works because after a couple of months of using it (they say it takes 3 months to get the full effects) i started on Dan's regime. Up until that point my skin was still pretty spotty and didn't seem to be getting better. But perhaps the Vilantae hadn't fully kicked in? Since using the benzoyl peroxide my skin looks AMAZING

  2. Hey whats up you still on the vilantae ?

    I am considering purchasing some really soon but yeah despite it's expensiveness is it really as good as you say it is ?

    Also i know you said t's not dangerous but have you experienced any side effects ?

  3. I used to have REALLY oily skin too, like when you go out and after a couple of hours everything is shining, especially the forehead and you just feel like a complete grease ball!! Anyway, i don't have issues with it anymore. I have been taking 'Vilantae' - you can look this up on the internet - it is a supplement that reduces the oil and is described as the next best thing to Accutane. However, it is NATURAL and won't harm you like accutane. They do tell you to give it 3 months though in or
  4. I just wanted to say don't despair! I have been in the same place as you emotionally - but now you have discovered the regimen, and let me tell you it DOES work!! This Christmas and New Year i was at my lowest in a long time - i didn't know what to do with myself, my face was so bad with red acne spots dotted all over. Anyway, it is just weeks later and i can go out with barely any concealer! I am amazed! Hang in there! Also, there is a book called 'Acne Free in 3 days' in which the guy wh
  5. Hey Gearhead, what you said there i can really relate to. I do the same. When my skin is bad i become detached from everything going on around me, but it's totally because i am so unhappy inside about how my skin is. I am not in a relationship now and i'm not able to have one either with my skin like this - but there is a guy who likes me and i felt compelled to tell him how bad my skin is (he hasn't seen me without make-up properly)....it's like i have to do this so he can know i am not perf
  6. Thanks so much for that Helio! I will wait until i get the root form...seems a shame to stain everything if i'm using stuff that has no magic left in it! )
  7. Hi Helio, I have been using the normal turmeric powder you find in any supermarket and mixing with a little water - is this not going to be potent enough?? I have done 3 nights now with it and i am getting fed up with the staining and then trying to get it off in the morning!!!! Then i heard that the bicarb is a bad idea for the skin, so today i tried lemon juice and yogurt - it was quite good but still a bit yellow. I used some toner and some blending and bleaching cream i had left from a
  8. Shade 8 i know exactly how you feel. I have had acne off and on since i was in my teens (i'm now 36!!). I have had mild acne and at other times it has been pretty bad. I had quite clear skin for a few years until a October 08 when it erupted out of no-where! So, from having clear skin at the beginning of October i went to having acne again by the end of October! I can tell you i have been VERY distressed! Especially at my age! I don't know how i cope but i know that it helps me to be ope
  9. I get sooooo down about my acne. I had pretty clear skin for a few years (i'm 36 now) and thought my acne days were over. Then out of nowhere it suddenly erupted a few months ago. I do talk about it though - i find it helps, but mostly just to close friends. It's almost like i want to tell people so that THEY know that 'I' know i have bad skin!!! Some new friends have never seen me with bad skin yet - when they see me they will probably be shocked (although i'm quite good with make-up - tho
  10. Oh that's good! So you can get using it now! Don't worry, it does come off the face much easier than it comes off your hands! I haven't tried getting it off with yogurt yet but i have some now so i will try that in the morning. Bicarb of soda does work, but you need to do it a few times and use your cleanser afterwards. Don't worry - it will be ok!
  11. Ha ha! too late! I already left it on over night! It does come off though - i used bicarbonate of soda and water and then my usual cleanser - i thought there was a very slight yellow tinge still, but when i asked my friend he said i looked fine....I've also read on here that you can use yogurt to get the yellow off and then a cleanser afterwards.....
  12. Hi LPN455, I have used the mask on two consecutive nights now. The first night i mixed it with a little water and the 2nd night i used some lemon juice. I think i prefered when i just used water. I thought this morning that my skin was more red than when i just used water...... Will it work as well with just water??? Also did you say that it can get a bit worse before it gets better?
  13. It's the tumeric masks, not the saw palmetto. Saw Palmetto isn't going to reduce inflammation and it isn't going to work fast. Tumeric, however, is highly anti-inflammatory. What Saw Palmetto might do is reduce the formation of DHT which means you will have less stimulating oil glands making your skin less oily. And it will take time. Ok thanks for that - you know what it's like, you will try anything and everything!! I suppose it is trial and error, what works for one may or may not
  14. I have just started taking saw palmetto in the past 2 days and my skin is not angry anymore. The pimples are subsiding and the red spots are going down. I found out about it from a girl who posted on here so thought i would try it. I think it's working. I am also doing the turmeric masks and drinking it too - started that yesterday. I'm sure that's helping too.
  15. Hey everyone, Bicarbonate of soda mixed into a paste with a little water gets the stain out! And then just wash with your normal foaming cleanser. If you use a flat ended cosmetic cotton bud to apply turmeric paste to your face you will not stain your hands! :-0