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  1. Im Accutane for 6months and my face clear from pimple? should i continue take Accutane? Im afraid the pimple will coming back after i quit take Accutane.
  2. Which is the best treatment for red marks? Smoothbeam or got other treatment?.
  3. Delna:- im using acv but i got cyst and i think acv didnt suit for my skin. do u think im using bs only, can balance the p.h? im really dont like the red mark stay in my face and make myself no confident when im looking on mirror.
  4. any supplement can make my skin not oily and i hate oily skin ...
  5. Im use retin a on the red mark and my skin will peel on my first day im use. should i use the retin a everyday? or just once a week?
  6. Im just bought Distilled White Vinegar. izzit same with apple vinegar?
  7. how can make my skin free of acne. 1 week i should have atleast have one acne breakup. my skin sometimes didn't have acne have long time, suddenly the acne will come back. how can free of acne? now the acne is return but not many, should i Regimen? I never use BP cream before, should i apply whole face or affected area?
  8. Im really dont know what is Apple Cider Vineger. Can someone describe more bout it? Its for drink or tablets? Because i wanna buy and try for my skin...
  9. Eucerin Cream Gel ^ anyone use this product? are this product recommend? i wanna ask, how to use this product? apply whole face or just affected area?
  10. Anyone know which recommend skin specialist in KL?
  11. Now my face clear of acne, and the problem is redness and black spot still on my face. hyperpigmentation on the right face too. what should i do? I'm wash my face on morning, noon and night. after washing my face, i apply toner. tat all. what buy product should i buy to use?
  12. Right Middle Left What should i do, to my skin smooth and without the redness and black on my skin. How to visble the prone? i have fair skin and the redness and blackness look obvious on my face ... and my right face look not smooth, how can make it clear and smooth? Sorry for my poor english. I hope someone can help me and i wanna myself full of confident on my face.