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  1. Someone posted a similar message a few weeks back. They were thinking about using student loans to pay for their procedure. If your skin really bothers u that bad I would suggest using a credit card or two to fix the problem. I would personally rather be broke and in debt, even bankrupt than have soemthing so crippling in my life. I have NO credit... actually my credit is kinda bad from a target card and macys card when I was 18.... does anyone know a good place that gives credit to tho
  2. I hate my life I have no way topay for this!!! I live in the NJ area anyone know the best good affordable doc who will do payment plans OR does anyone know a good way to get a loan for this or something of that nature - is there any way to get insurance to cover it?
  3. Yeah it makes sense... but no company is trying to profit over our stupidity on this one... its simply a supplement by a well knows company that I have seen available at the Vitamin Shoppe and also even though chances are it doesn;t do squat are you basing your opinion on any facts and/or any personal experience... not trying to be a smart ass, just curious... thanks
  4. That comment doesnt help me much ;P
  5. Hey all take a look at this link and lemme know what u think? It's quite interesting! http://asgic.proboards26.com/index.cgi?boa...&num=1086122648
  6. I honestly don't think I would have ever found this message board if I "Liked" my scars... Atually my scarring drives me insane and I think has ruined my chances with the love of my life cause I forgot how to be myself around her cause all I think ab are them I honestly think one of the biggest headf*cks in the world is being a generally goodlooking guy and then having the acne scars to ruin it.... I think if I grew up not being told I was attractive all of the time the scars wouldnt have su
  7. Hey guys I wm wondering what is the absolute best way to get hyaluronic acid in my system? I am currently taking Source Natural's Injuv Hylaluronic Acid an 140mg twice daily.... but on the back it says something like "yielding 9% hyaluronic acid" whatever that means... Anyhow if anyone can posty some good links and lemme know how much I should take I would be very appreciative... Thanks :ph34r:
  8. I had scars similar to yours and smoothbeam helped them a lot... some I cante even see anymore.... But.... for what it's worth.... You honestly are ridiculously beautiful and they don't take away from your looks at all Looks like you dress pretty dope too, like tha shirt
  9. On a side not last wednesday I went into NYC to start another set of 6 smoothbeam sessions as I really do beleive they help. I saw Dr Amy Lewis on Park Ave. and East 75th st. She seemes much more knowlegeable than the doctopr I saw last year and she REALLY zapped they hell outta my face and then had me hold ice packs on both cheeks for like 20 mins... I looked completely fine afterwards!!! I hope I can get a lil more improvement and then I think I'll be ok... Im gonna post some more pics soon..
  10. Hahah you guys make me laugh!!! As for my scars suiting me.... I never thought of looking it that way, hmm, being OK with not being "perfect" this is something I think most acne scar sufferers never consider. I never evere veer looked at the imperfections on my face as a possible addition to my looks. Anyway tho, thanks for the comments guys as they have upped my self esteem... And Im confused about that Rocky post haha are you saying I look like Sylvester Stallone (LOVE the dude, my fave act
  11. I was thinking about subcisison.... but isnt there a chance of further scarring with that? I'm thinking needling might be a better idea for me...
  12. Thanks guys.... and haha a lot of people say I look like Elijah Wood but I don't see it too much myself... but whatever My scars show up a lil more drastically when my skin is dried out and stuff... The smoothbeam worked pretty good but I can def say some of the improvements faded since last summer and that I only had 4 treatments done... I want to get more.. But I am not sure if that would even do anything. My face can also no longer tolerate vinegar???!!! Odd, vinegar used to make my skin
  13. Thanks for comments angel.... on a scale from 1-10 everyone how bad to my rolling scars appear?