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  1. I put a lengthy description on skin biology's form, i took only 30 mins before i was banned from the forum and the image was removed. It really put me in a even more depressed mood (as you might understand writing about this experience is hard, it causes anxiety for me). I basically just said people should be careful and that the end results of rolling and CP's are very hard to determine. In _my_ case it got a lot worse. That's all. I'm not even saying it doesnt work, it probably does for some
  2. Mine (powder) washes of quite easily from the face using just soap/water, but around the nails it's a bit harder.
  3. I've been using turmeric powder/water (sometimes a little lemon added) and Apple cider vinager for about 1 week now. Usualy 1 treatment of apple cider vinager in the morning, which i leave on for maybe 20-25 minutes, then i apply a skin lotion. In the evenings i apply the turmeric. I also apply Scotch tape to my face to remove dead skin cells + the usual washing with soap / skin tonic. I'm already seeing improvments when it comes to overall skin tone, it's more even + the scaring doesnt stand o
  4. Is this causing micro swelling perhaps, that's why some people see such good results? I believe that maybe it's the same with Apple Cider Vinager (that some people reported removed rolling scars), a swelling would make it look like it really removed the scars.. I started reading about Turmeric on some other pages, seems like its supposed to heal new scars (just like Aloe Vera). I'm doing this at night (turmeric and a litte lemon/water) + a water/apple cider vinager solution everyday in the m
  5. I had one like that for ages on the front side of my leg.. after a while it turned brown and hard and it never went away.
  6. indigenous; i'm gonna try TCA first, carfully and over a long period of time (i'm not in a rush), and i might put away some money to do a bigger treament in the future, haven't decided yet. And yes, I know guys get away much easier with scaring, but i would be doing this for me and no one else. Thanks for the kind words, i feel all warm and fuzzy now! Take care.
  7. Thanks again. 5k is way too much for me, i think that i'd rather spend that on something different if i ever could come up with that kind of cash (been sick-listed for the latest 10 years so im not really in the position of saving much). I don't like my scars but it's not like it ruins my life. Some people here seems to be extremely depressed because of their scaring, that it affects their lives in a big way, then i can totally understand you want to spend that kind of cash. I've ordered t
  8. Thanks, i might try the Derma Roller. Yeah some of the scars are pretty deep. especially the one under my cheekbone that almost look like a knife cut, i hate that one. I don't feel comfortable (or too desperate) to inject anything though. There might be other possiblities in the future, both economicaly and the coming of new tech / solutions for scaring.
  9. Thanks, but i can not afford that, i'd probably also would have to go to antoher country too since i doubt it's available here (and if it is, it will be way more expensive here than in e.g US, especially if it's a rather rare and new method). I'm only willing to try cheap methods i can do myself. A 20% reduction would make me more than happy, or even 0% scar reduction and just getting a more even skin color. I'm not looking for a 90% fix since it'd be over my budget.
  10. Hi, i'm new here, i've been lurking here for a few days and i've been very impressed by how knowlegable and driven some people are here, it's very inspiring I had one laser treatment when i was 20-something (~16 years ago that is), but it didn't really help against the scaring at all (maybe a 3% improvement) but it was probably old technique compard to what they use today. I don't have money to spend on a professional treatment such as laser (and i doubt they'll give me a free treatment aga