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  1. Monkey.UK

    Treating Hormonal Acne Naturally

    Cut out as much dairy as you can, avoid non-organic meat (full of hormones that will worsen your probs) and no refined sugars, no white bread/white rice/white pasta. ACV is great, I take a shot daily but my skin didn't like it as a topical treatment.
  2. Monkey.UK

    Getting off milk

    Frothy soya milk with cinnamon powder - yummy!
  3. Monkey.UK

    KimchiPower!'s (Robert's) Log (DONE!!)

    Wow your skin looks like a child's (i.e. amazing!) Good for you!
  4. Monkey.UK

    Parents kicking me out

    Not useful advice. To be honest working around fat-fryers in McDonalds wouldn't be good for people prone to acne anyway. Much better to work night-shifts stacking store shelves, or something along those lines.
  5. Monkey.UK

    Parents kicking me out

    That's harsh, I'm sure on some level they believe they're helping you though. Have you got any sympathetic extended family you could go to?
  6. Monkey.UK

    Be truthful

    I prefer a bit of acne on a guy to put me at ease (I know, weird!) although my current boyfriend does have clear skin.
  7. No, but I wish I could (verbally of course). In situations where people aren't meaning to pick fights but just being ignorant, it's probably better to stay silent rather than look aggressive and volatile
  8. Monkey.UK


    I found Sudocrem made my skin worse; seems too heavy and doesn't let it breathe. Calamine lotion is a hundred times better at calming down acne overnight, and nearly as cheap as Sudocrem!
  9. Can anyone with a bottle of this tell me where the expiry date's lurking? I had to get it shipped from the US so will be less than happy if it's out of date!
  10. Monkey.UK

    Wedding, pregnancy, & my acne

    I feel for you, everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. All I can say is you sound like a lucky woman in many other respects; you've got a baby on the way and have found the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Acne will come and go but don't let it get you down right now when you should be elated!
  11. thanks! I'm actually not sure where i got the quote. I think I just typed "cute quotes" in on google:)

    1. Nope, it's made me weak. As a result of acne I've ruined my education, my employment prospects and turned down numerous holidays, trips and social things that would've made me a happier, more well-rounded person. Personally I was a bit quiet and shy to start with, then acne broke me down another level. It's not the same for everyone though. When I was at college (age 16-18) one of the most popular boys there had worse acne than me, he didn't seem to care.
    2. Monkey.UK

      Some advice needed

      I think if you've tried that many topical treatments it's time to look at the internal situation. It may be something particular in what you eat and drink that makes you break out, or inflammatory foods in general. Have a look at the Nutrition & holistic health board. If you haven't already, definitely try cutting all refined sugar out of your diet. Good luck!
    3. Monkey.UK


      Hey, reading your post was almost like seeing something I had written; I dropped out of uni because I couldn't cope with being around people in halls and on campus 24/7 (and acne was a contributing factor to my anxiety and depression). I tried to go back the following year but nothing had changed. I'm now studying with the Open University and the lower stress levels are allowing me to focus on treating my skin. When your head's in a better place you'll be able to go back and crack it - good lu