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  1. personally, i saw no improvement
  2. after 4 days of doing this, i saw no improvement
  3. i just did the whole thing again.. and just fyi, this made me break out some!!! :[ and i was claer on my forehead too..and i got like some pimples out of nowhere but yeah.. i dont know if im still gonna do this
  4. edit - just did this - the whole routine . wow the egg mask really makes ur skin baby soft!! i dotnt rly see a big diff. in redness, but it's my first try. i would say maybe 10% less red than before.. i'm going to keep doing this for about a week and update. but try it!!!
  5. i bought everything i needed for this. i have a lot of red marks on my forehead so i cant wait to try this out
  6. They're not raised bumps or anything.. but they are these tiny red spots all scattered on my forehead.. some have ice pick scars though.. please help. thank u.
  7. They aren't raised bumps or anything.. they're just red and stand out on my forehead! I think they might be scars from like pimples or something .. they're red and I think some have like a tiny hole [i think it's an icepick scar.. i googled it lol] but yeah, how could I help get rid of them?? Please and thank you!