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  1. accutane cleared me up and i wanna bang some hot chicks where do they hang out?
  2. no way. fat people are worse off. a plain jane with acne is 10 times hotter than some fat chick with perfect skin
  3. yo are you guys blind? I just said I would do it and you keep talking about writing into Dan. lol
  4. I'm on tane too and I wouldn't mind having some tane users stay over for awhile. what the hell party at my place
  5. i've been slathering on tons of neosporin before bed for about 2 weeks and my red marks are almost completely gone
  6. i haven't had any of those problems. even my dry lips didn't last more than a month and a half.
  7. I got a rash on the back of each hand about 6 weeks in. I just left it alone and it was gone in 4 or 5 days
  8. I've been doing this for a week and I don't see any difference