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  1. Well, I've had acne since I was 14, and in two months I'll be 23. My acne is still ongoing. It's hilarious when my grandma tells me that I'll outgrow it. Ok, grandma, I'm already an adult. My mom tells me that she got rid of hers after she adapted a proper facial washing routine. Ok, mom, I've had a facial regimen since I was fifteen. And......to finish my lovely acne journey, I found out I have facial seborrheic dermatitis. I'm in a crappy mood, haha.
  2. You've finally found my kryptonite....it's that picture I bestowed to you in secrecy. I'm hurrrrtttt :(

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  3. It's nice to see that you are still creeping on my page. Because we creep on each other, that is why we're friends <3

  4. Yep =/ They definitely look worse. When I don't wear makeup, I avoid direct sunlight in my car. My redmarks are fading, but they still have a long way to go.
  5. I haven't tried it yet. It looks like a pretty good one heavy coverage wise, though. If you get it, let us know what you think!
  6. Have you been reading Naruto?!? Specifically the new chapter?!?

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      My brother had been telling me it was Obito for months! I couldn't believe it was him. Makes me wish I had though. Yeah! I'm excited for the next chapters to come. Oh, my brother told me something else interesting last night involving Sasuke and Naruto including Naruto's grandparents. He was explaining how he thought that Jiraiya and Tsunade were the 4th hokage's parents. After he explained it, it made sense!

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      That's an interesting theory! He does call both of them granny and old geezer etc.plus the hair! And yeah for the whole thing, I'm guessing Madara found obito and trained him and mixed him with some zetsu for the half of his body. Maybe used his space dimension jutsu to powerlevel him before he attacked the village and fought the 4th.

    4. Vampireninja09


      Zetsu is definitely more powerful that it's letting on. He probably found Obito. I keep thinking that Zetsu's pulling all the strings and we don't really know what he's capable of or much about him.

  7. When I saw it, I saw that it said 0. Then when I clicked on it, it said I have one warning point and I couldn't remember why I got it. Then I saw the year, and then I instantly knew. lol.
  8. I also second what others have said with using concealer to cover up more. You don't need a lot of foundation. Put on a thin layer, but don't feel like you need to cover up everything just with the foundation. That's what concealer is for. Also, I saw that setting spray was mentioned. That is another good substitution so you don't have to use as much powder.
  9. Hi! I like what Jlisondra said about high end being good but you can find other alternatives that may be just as good. Anyways, here is my list that I've been using pretty consisently =) foundation: healthy skin- neutrogena..I've also used colorstay by revlon. it can be thick feeling sometimes, but it does give good coverage. concealer- mineral concealer- maybelline powder- pressed powder compact- covergirl or ELF HD powder (good stuff)
  10. I was in the chat all the time. I saw what was written. I didn't talk a lot on the general part of it, but I still saw what was going on. We even got warned... I think by C'est La Vigne about cleaning up what we talked about (or the chat would get taken down) since younger kids/other people visited the site who wanted to talk about acne. But still the dirty talk commensed. People tested the boundaries of the mods and some would get banned for it. So then Dan got presented all of what what said,
  11. The chat got taken down in 2009 because people couldn't keep it on task even in the acne related side bar. Dan most likely will not bring it back.
  12. Oh! Yes, it's fine to put on after your moisturizer. Just make sure your moisturizer has set into your skin. I use the sonia kashuk radiant tinted moisturizer (from target).
  13. Good actually. No complaints, really. My skin is getting to the point (after 6, almost 7 months) that it's almost clear. We'll see how things are in the next few weeks though. I'm seeing my dermatologist, so he might change things.
  14. ^Exactly as she said. As much as you cover-up, you'll never be able to hide the apperance of the bumps or the texture of the bumps.