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  1. So I am on my 5th month of accutane and have stayed away from drinking for pretty much all of them. I've never had more than 3 drinks at a time and I only had that many every couple of weeks. I always drink beer no liqour. This month though I have had probably around 20 beers all spread out over a couple different occassions. Probably less than that, I've had like 7 twice this month and I've had one with supper two nights this week. Problem. I'm getting bloated very easily after every mea
  2. So my face is crazy dry. This is the worst ever. I moisturized like ten times yesterday and my face is still peeling off after two times moisturizing today. I think it has to do with the cold weather. Its been below freezing all week and my whole body is really dry. I've never had dry skin anywhere but my face, and only on my face since starting accutane. I use a moisturizer my dr. prescribed called CAM lotion. Is there something out there that will do a better job, this stuff just isn
  3. i use cyto sport whey vanilla flavor. just straight whey. don't use creatine. shits dangerous and if you're workin out then its not even needed. balance your diet do the whey and you'll be plenty ripped. if its a strength issue. do it naturally. accutane weakens muscles so too much too fast is not good.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody else has experienced breakouts that seem to move from place to place on their face. For example, when i got my IB it was mostly on the upper part of my face: around my cheeks and stuff. Then when that cleared up it moved down closer to my mouth and lower than my cheeks. Now thats sorta started clearing it has moved back toward my jaw line: its all on my jawline and neck. The interesting thing is that most of the old stuff is clear and i don't get new pi
  5. "My Dermatologist said it is impossible to clog my pores while on accutane so Sunscreen etc. would be fine and not cause breakouts." First of all Pre is the man, and so is bowerman for that matter. I am a triathlete so running is important to me. I hate running but i do it because i have to and i like the culture and being fit. so it is complete bullshit that accutane prevents pore clogging at least in my experience. idk the exact definition but i to me pore clogging means pimples and i s
  6. Hey guys thanks for the responses. I have stopped using the apricot scrub. My doc prescribed me CAM lotion( cleansing and moisterising) i use that for a moisturizer and sometimes as a face wash. My old regimen used clean and clear detoxifying scrub and actually worked fairly well. I have gone back to using that to wash my face. It has little beed things in it but it doesn't really scrub and i'm gentle with it. My skin hasn't been as dry and it looks a little better. Is that stuff bad or
  7. so i was on a mission trip this summer and a ten year old black kid in mississippi asked me if i had chicken pox and he kept saying all week that i had chicken pox. and my college suite mate is always telling me what will clear up my bacne. Nothing pisses me off more than some idiots suggestions. He is one of those guys who has like a pimple a month doesn't know shit about acne.
  8. One of the concerns with alcohol on accutane is increase in depression side effects. I used to drink 6 to 8 drinks a week, usually beer and usually all in one night. All of this was before accutane. I actually had a last hoo ra, with liquor, for drinking before accutane and that was the biggest mistake of my life. I had like an, obscene, 18 shots of whiskey. I ended up in the hospital after starting a fight with one of my friends, the hospital was for the alcohol not the fight. The worst
  9. Sorry, Lol, I haven't experienced that and hope I don't. the only penis problem i had was day three and it didn't really want to participate in sexual activity. I think i was just tired.
  10. Hi, I have been on accutane for 22 days. I am a male on the 40 mg dose, I weigh about 150lbs. I got my IB, I think, the second week- maybe a little more. In the first few weeks all my friends told me how much better my skin looked, comments about the initial redness not being as bad and stuff. Mine got clearer and then I got my IB. My case is especially bad. I have severe nodular acne, really big cysts. (not pimples, big basterdly fuckers) I have had nodular acne for almost 3 yea