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  1. http://www.physorg.com/news158478984.html Interesting article about stem cells completely restoring scarred corneas in eyes back to normal. The scientists indicated that there was no difference between non treated healthy corneas vs. the fixed corneas through stem cells. No signs of damage. They also said that generally, cornea scarring was considered permanent. Now that's no longer the case. I really hope this is the same for skin. We all have been waiting for too long!
  2. Hi Everyone - I was just curious what everyone on here thinks in terms of predicting true PERFECT skin for those with scars. Not scar reduction, but scar REMOVAL. After having dealt with scarring for years and years, I have personally given up on the current procedures available. I am not looking for improvement - I want them gone. Totally, and completely gone. When I look at my skin in the mirror I want to see what I was born with. No outlines of scar edges, or minimal scar tissue. Just SKIN.
  3. Not to downplay how serious active acne can be, but what about attention on acne scarring too? I have suffered from both, and although I hated my acne, it was nice knowing that eventually those dreaded cysts would go away when given the right regimen. However, as of now, scars are permanent. Many people still suffer from scarring and there are little options that really show good improvement. Besides, with those of us who have suffered from acne for so long, we don't want ANY marks. If TLC cover
  4. For starters, I am really glad someone started this post as we often discuss treatments, but not emotional feelings. I have had my scarring for over 7 years, and to be completely honest, it still bothers me just as much since the first day I got them. Like many on here, I have tried numerous methods - fraxel laser, elcina, copper peptides, dermarolling, etc. and am not even close to happy with the results. Not to say these can't work for others, or others might be happy with the improvement, but
  5. the foundation holdontohope is currently organizing, i believe, will be for ALL different types of scarring - scars from acne, burns, MRSA, etc... i believe the ultimate goal of the foundation is to RESTORE skin back to its original state - which was uninjured. i don't exactly know if this would count as "scarless healing" since many current victims of scarring are already "technically" done healing...just left with scars. the foundation will hopefully be able to restore the quality of life lost
  6. chances are the scarring you are describing is shallow rolling scars. the reason they look indented is because of the shadows the depression in the skin creates in the light. there are certain methods right now to improve these marks...read this board further...but as of now, there is no 100% removal cure. sometimes these fill in with time, and sometimes they need more aggressive treatments. i would recommend talking to your dermatologist!
  7. although i don't feel that this post was started in the best way, i do understand what you mean. as someone with severe, severe scarring, it is really hard to come on this forum and click on a post of someone who claims to be suicidal over their scarring and look at their pictures and only wish to have their skin. i think what the original poster meant to say is that, if someone claims to be suicidal or completely depressed over their scarring, how is that supposed to make the rest of us - with
  8. http://www.zimbio.com/Boston+Plastic+Surge...r+Removal+Laser Although the results aren't perfect restoration, they look better than what's out there. Thoughts?
  9. I would be very careful with dermabrasion! I had fraxel done with maybe 30% improvement, but it is far less of a risk for additional scarring and hyperpigmentation. If i were you, I would wait until there is a safer procedure. I know this is probably not the answer you want to hear, however, I have extensive scarring too - but as much as I hate it, I can't imagine it being any worse! Ask to see pictures of other patients...if they look like they've had good results...then maybe go with it. But I
  10. The results of the facial wound are very impressive, however, the hand looks like it has definitely scarred. In the last photo of the hand on the doorknob, it is turned hiding the knuckles/top of the hand, but you can see the difference between that area and the area of the thumb - is it just me? or does anyone else see it?
  11. I definitely understand the dangers of lasers, however, I am a candidate that had it done with good results. I had mine done a couple years ago with the Fraxel laser, and my skin had no bad side effects. I probably improved my scarring by 40%. However, if I were you, I would not get it done at a medical spa. Look online for dermatologists in your area and find one that specializes in laser resurfacing. Also read doctor reviews. On top of that, my scarring was mainly on my forehead and side of my
  12. it really depends on how deep the wound is. i've had numerous scabs on my face from popped zits that haven't left scars, but it's the really deep cystic acne zits that have left craters. in a lot of my research i read that anytime there is deep inflamation, it is more likely to cause a pitted scar. this is because the infection spreads deep down into the dermis. the body heals itself and regenerates your original skin tissue for superficial wounds. but if the wounds extend beyond superficial int
  13. deadliest catch...what type of scars did you have excised? what was your experience? if you could provide details i'd really be thankful!