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  1. Crappy day man, i feal your pain. Your dad though does mean well, he just goes about things well differantly. Don't hate him, hes just looking out for you. You seem like a nice kid, Cheers
  2. Now the imposter above gives great advice. If your ever going to do anything Hammie, then follow this to the tee. Don't dwell on any man, none of us are worth it!! ... even me!
  3. So that's why you look a little cross eyed in your photo Adam, explains everything.
  4. To anyone who really cares about their skin. This thread will save your life. Cleansing = health and clear skin.
  5. Good for you Hotti, great seeing people have the dicipline to do what it takes to achieve their goals! Hope you stay clear and happy!
  6. Ok me, i'm on a mates garage roof back when i'm like 13 or so. I'm playing chasey with his sister, naughty kind! Anyway not noticing the crack in the roof i run over this section and it gives way! By some act of god i miss all the tools and sharp objects scattered everywhere and land in the only open spot down below on solid concrete. Busted my ankle up pretty bad. Still scarred by those events today, nightmares never cease...
  7. You can never ever drink enough alcahol! Still i haven't had a drop in over a year and i don't miss it. I prefer acting like an ass and being sober, takes more courage.
  8. Don't feal down man, your better off! I know it's hard expecially at your age where your self esteem is so important but really you don't want to even associate with someone like that. Besides they both admitted your attractive if not for the acne... well you know what buddy, many people are not that superficial. Take me for example. I'm 27 now but for a long time i didn't care for myself at all, i drank way to much, wore crappy clothes and stunk of ciggarettes BUT i still got woman and i'm n
  9. It's simple a matter of short and medium chain fatty acids vs long chain Long chain = oxidised quickly = trans fatty acids Short/medium chain = not oxidised quickly and in fact are quite heat resistant Coconut oil is supreme
  10. Damn man, if i were gay i'd rip ur clothes off and.. You're fine
  11. Of course they are and pigs fly as well. If you want to keep cooking in canola oil go for it and enjoy your heart problems later on in life.
  12. You never know, iv'e known a couple of older woman, well didn't know them THAT well and they went for teenage guys! I think it's sad really but they are out there. Rub her ass one day, see what happens.
  13. If it went rancid i'd imagine you didn't get 100% coconut oil especially if it was dirst cheap. Just my opinion
  14. Probably not, sorry. You'll need to take 14 caps to get one tablespoons worth and ideally you'll want 1-2 tablespoons a day. Your ripping yourself off buying capsuals. Udo's oil would be much more cost effective and probably more beneficial.
  15. Definately go the steroid route. Lol nah, hmm tough with low carbs. Consume maybe 80& protein? lol the unused protein gets stored as fat so there is your solution. Eat meat, buy whey powder etc and cunsume bucketloads.
  16. Sorry didn't realise i was stuck in a time warp. Hello is this 1860 London?
  17. Yep true, takes time. I banged a few girls after *i* left my ex but they never even came close to filling the void of the hatred i had towards my ex.
  18. If your going to fry food then never fry in polyunsaturated oils as the extreme heat will turn these good fats into trans fatty acids. Not to mention it (sunflower oil) was probably bad to begin with and processed. The only oil in the world you should fry with is coconut oil from what i have read. The medium and short chain fatty acids are extremely heat resistant and won't change into bad fat. All other oils contain long chain fatty acids which turn rancid very quickly AND turn into TFA with h
  19. Eat veggies as they contain vitamins, minerals and FIBER. This is basically what i'm doing, I eat meat, cheese, eggs and veggies. Losing weight, fealing MUCH better and skins looking better. I'm also NEVER hungry this way. Don't forget to include lots of fat in your diet for fuel and other things. Good fat helps you lose weight and bad fat makes you sick. Carbs turn you into looking like a pig. They also provide NOTHING the body needs. In fact the body prefers to burn fat over carbs.