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  1. I was on Accutane for 6 months and when completed, my dermatologist perscibed me Retin-A to help make sure the acne doesnt come back and to get rid of minor scars, etc. It's great and I rarely ever break out but throughout the day my face gets as red as a tomato! My dermatologist said to back off the Retin-A to once every three days, but are there any products that have been successful for anyone else in the same situation? Advice? Thanks!
  2. FINISHED! My dermatologist called me a success story! Lol. I'm very, very happy and am now on Retin-A Micro for marks/damage but I'm 100% CLEAR! Accutane =
  3. Oh my goodness, yes! :) I think it takes like 10-12 weeks to supposedly officially work... so 2-3 months? hahaha after accutane, this'll be nothing, eh?

    1. yay! =D thats soo funny that we're both on it! now we can be retin-A buddies!!

      1. my derm-o told me that retin a works wonders for skin... so im actually excited to get started on it. hahaha we'll have a model's skin! :) :)

        1. thats so weird, im on retinA right now to! im hoping it can improve my skin even further ^_^

          1. oh yes, the dreaded red marks! haha. my dermatologist said i would have minimal scarring but still... right after accutane im going to start using a retin a & she said that it works wonders :)

            1. thats so cool that you're all clear!! and yeah, im all done... now its just the red marks I have to worry about :P they just dont seem to fade fast enough! do you have any acne scarring?

              1. hahaha it takes two to lose touch! ;) and yes, i am practically all cleared up; i've got just under a month left. dealing w/ some red marks and thats bout' it. how r u doing? finished i hope?

                1. hey girl! hows accutane going, are you clear? ive been a bad accutane buddy, lol

                  1. So, I'm basically all cleared up now. But I have a TON TON TON TON TON of red marks. I actually cried because it just looks so... bad? Normally, I wouldn't admit that but I know that no one on here judges. Help?
                  2. Is there a certain time after Accutane that you have to wait to go on a Retin-A, or can you start it right after your 6-month treatment? Thanks to all replies. <3 ~*Lauren*~
                  3. i honestly dont think you will get an initial breakout because the accutane has already shurnk the oil glands and all the stuff it normally does. If you do get an initial breakout thought im sure it will be comparitivley mild to other uses who apply retin a without going on accutane. Retin-A is a good drug just remember to keep doing it and you will see results. I personally have like a lil calender where i check off the days ive applied it so I can see my progress as motivation.. hey whatever h
                  4. I'll be starting Retin-A Micro in about a month and a half. I'm just finishing up a 6 month Accutane course, and have cleared up quite nicely. Anyway, my question is: will I still get an IB from the topical treatment, even though Accutane has pretty much taken care of everything? I know it probably varies for different people, so any experience would be nice. Thanks, and take care! ~*Lauren*~