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  1. put it this way..I would put my life on it. thats how convinced I am.
  2. I know it's been stated here before, but I am absolutely covinced that Accutane contributed to my skin scarring.
  3. what the F*&% happened to your face....I'm thinking I might hear this exact phrase. oh well, like you say, it's the final outcome that is important
  4. i hope so. unfortunately, I have to get back to the real world in another day, and after seeing the way some people looked at the areas when I went out to get some groceries, it won't be a fun day at work.
  5. Hi All, I've been looking around on the 'red marks' section of the fourm, but I cant find anything that can tell me what I can do to reduce the redness after tca cross. any suggestions?
  6. yes, they are very red and they are starting to scab. they look awful right now....
  7. also Colin, I am putting vasoline on the areas all the time to keep it moist, as well as polysporin twice a day. this is what the dr reccomended.
  8. wow. I just re-read the sticky at the top about nutritional supplements and it says 3-5000 mg of C? thats alot of vitamin C. if this is so, I'll go tomorrow when the stores are open and get some extra C.
  9. I'm not taking C or E by themselves, but I'm taking a Multi which contains 150mg of C and 50IU of E per pill. do you feel that this is sufficient? thanks
  10. Hi Colin, well I decided to go for it and let him treat everything. I'm looking pretty rough right now. I frosted up within seconds, then it disappeared by the time I got home. I was swollen for 2 days, an then yesterday the bright red marks appeared. now, it seems that I am scabbing up pretty badly in the treated areas. I've been cooped up since friday, and I am getting kind of stir crazy, but other than that I'm doing allright.
  11. sure you can ask that. and I asked that question to the Dr as well. He is just not comfortable using the 100% yet. And I can understand where he is coming from. If a dr who has more experence with this stuff then I do doesn't feel comfortable with this, then I certinally do not either. so, I'll have him try the 70% and see what the results are like. rather be relativly safe than really sorry. here's and update. I believe that I am now begging to start the scabbing process. I don't actually hav
  12. Hi All, a quick tca cross question. Are the scabs which come from having a tca cross performed supposed to come right after the white frosting disappears? or is the frosting supposed to turn into a scab? reason I'm asking is that after having the cross on friday, the white frosting disappeared pretty much right when I got home, and now almost 2 days later, still no scabbing. what has been your experence? Thanks!
  13. oh, and I'd say that on the left, it's mild and on the right it's deeper
  14. I have ice pick scarring on my cheeks. it's been 24 hrs, and no scabs yet. the only noticeabe difference is that a couple of scars look wider:( was he not agressive enough?