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  1. Yes you do need a break to get the minocycline out of your system. I waited one week after minocycline even though my doctor told me 3 days was fine.
  2. I think I have the same problem as you Pissedoff. Do the busted blood vessels eventually go away in time or are lasers the only thing that can be used?
  3. this sounds worse then ancient chinese torture
  4. Rip Mr. A's throat out very slowly then shoot him down with a machine gun. Then when Mr. A is dead blow the body up with all the bombs I can find.
  5. I'll also try and post pictures later on. These pictures won't be of myself because I don't have a camera or have the balls to post a picture of myself. I'll use pictures of different people to scale how my acne looks compared to others. I wonder if this will work :-k
  6. I started on the 1st of December and I'm starting my journal on February 29th... So far I've been on accutane for 91 days which equals 13 weeks. I’ve been on the drug for 3 months. For the first 2 months I've been on 40 mg and on my 3rd month until the end of treatment I'll be on 60 mg (5 months). All dosages have been taken with food. I'm male 5'4 and weigh 65 kg. I'm using the generic version and strangely around weeks 3 and 4 the pharmacy gave me a bunch of deformed accutane pills.
  7. let me quote Johnson from the ragforum "I posted a couple of weeks ago a thread called 'The Gym and Acne', so you might want to look there as well for further info. Remember that androgens are male hormones that women have too. They have an anabolic action, helping the body build strong bones and muscles. DHEA and testosterone are both androgens and they both respond to exercise. Funny though cos he response can vary depending on gender and the type and duration of the exercise. Testos
  8. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but i do believe I read somewhere that lifting weights especially heavy ones increase hormone production and cause increased acne. Running can lower hormone production but i'm not quite sure...
  9. woh i never realized it but ance has helped me in ways i can't imagine sometimes. I've stopped drinking soda, stopped jerking off, and stopped eating junk food in general.
  10. family doctors can prescribe accutane or at least thats how it works in the US
  11. A doctor can prescribe pretty much anything a dermatologist can. My doctor even prescribed me accutane.