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  1. dude you say you have constant stomach aches and bowel issues - sounds like your body is too acidic. this can happen on vegan diets pretty easily because many fruits are acidic. i also have a vegan diet. breakfast: spinach paste (basically steamed spinach cooked with olive oil, onions, peppers and vegetable stock) slice of tofu, gluten free slice of bread with humous, steamed broccoli lunch: rice with vegetable curry (beans, peas, sweetcorn, chickpeas, carrots etc) alternative
  2. Ryan its vitamin b5 not aspirin. Taking loads wont kill you.
  3. Your 'keep wanking' post pissed me off horse, its like you didnt even consider what i said or didnt want to try it out or anything. If you cant be bothered to try it out hopeless wanker seems appropiate. Sorry if it is rude lol.
  4. Try to stop masturbating for a while, should mean less oil is dumped from the liver on to the face after a week or two, just try it.
  5. Im glad to hear it although the first few times i was testing it out i didnt ejaculate for almost 4 weeks, definate improvements were seen then. Hope you can keep it up, stay strong and DONT give in. Goodluck man.
  6. Well im glad your not completely ruling it out animal. Although being less active or gentle in character for example, usually means you have less testosterone in your body compared to, say, competetive sportsmen who are very agressive in nature. Having low levels of testosterone isnt 'extremely rare', plenty of people are very quiete, calm and cool minded (some behaviour traits of low testosterone in a male). Well according to your theory i guess that they COULD be low on testosterone and ejacul
  7. Foggyhorse, for those who definately get spots when they ejaculate then the only correlation to be made is Coenzyme A deficiency. Another hopeless wanker.
  8. Wow another genius, let me try again. If you have acne, your OBVIOUSLY dont have enough coenzyme A. Ejaculating will make it worse, maybe go from mild acne to something more serious. For somebody in puberty, Ejaculating can cause acne to start because they are using their coenzyme A to make ALOT of hormones, ejaculating will make them use EVEN more for hormone production, wont be alot left to keep the fats away from your face. Men are through puberty, their hormones are under control and so co
  9. Its important, some freaks are wanking all day long and are in total denial that it attributes to worsening acne. Addicts with no will power will continue to suffer. Ive read the other threads and Parker is a prominent commentater and critic of the ejaculation = acne theory. Hes probably also a spotty chronic wanker.
  10. Dark dragon, after a month of no ejaculation and 5% BP gel my face is spotless. Although i only have 'mild' acne, whiteheads that come up a day or two after ejaculation. I seriously think its better to cut down on it though, give it a try. Gets very easy when you realise what your doing is pointless (at least thats how i see it). Sex is a problem though, breakouts still occur but sex is unavoidable in my opinion
  11. Im 17 and im certain it effects me, animal. Maybe im not a testosterone infested hormone machine
  12. Jeez, some people have enough coenzyme A to wank all the time AND make hormones. Those people wont get acne. However, not everyone is so fortunate.
  13. read this thread 1209. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=30133
  14. Ben maybe your getting TOO skeptical. Ejaculation isnt the only thing that will convert testosterone into DHT, but it WILL convert testosterone into DHT.... Testosterone will have to be replaced using the same Coenzyme A that should be used to metabolize fats that end up on your face and cause/worsen acne. This means that it will make acne worse if youve got it for sure. Who said ejaculation is the cause anyway? If you understood what i wrote you would understand that deficiency in Coenzyme A i
  15. daveguy23 It worked for me, although my face is still a little greasy at times so i probably still have a deficiency in b5. I take b5 supplements to keep my face dry and as long as my face stays dry i dont get spots.