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  1. who would i ask for that? my dermatoligist or a doctor? and yes, men do get rosacea, idk if its more common in men or woman Ask your doctor for propanolol. As for the doxy...your doctor might be able to prescribe generic doxy as an off-label treatment, but it is best to get a derm.
  2. I didn't know that men get rosacea... Are you serious? It is reported that at least 13 million Americans suffer from rosacea. These can range from mild, moderate, to severe. If I had to guess, I would say that approximately 5 to 6 million men in the US alone suffer from this.
  3. Propanolol is a generic beta-blocker, so it is less expensive. What it is mainly used for is anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, etc. However, rosacea sufferers have noticed that taking Propanolol before workouts or social events can prohibit a great deal of flushing. Perhaps it is because of less blood flow since your immune system is more relaxed.
  4. I have the beginning stages of it. (I have kept it that way with low dose generic doxycycline, a beta blocker generic named Propanolol, and Cetaphil moisturizing cream. My rosacea is normally irritated by the sun (not morning or late afternoons though) and some of the P&Ps that sprout to the surface. The cream is thicker for the face, so I would get anything along the lines of CeraVe (more $$), Cetaphil, etc. For your arms, chest, legs, etc, any lotion will do.
  5. I wouldn't risk it. I would use a simple moisturizing cream at night. Not the lotion, but the cream. During the day, try to avoid the sun as best you can. Wear sunglasses obviously or maybe a hat if that is your fashion tastes, lol.
  6. Cupcake, Do not get Oracea. Doctors will try to sell the whole time released formula, but please ask for Doxycycline Hyclate. Ask for 40 mg per day, which is two 20 mg pills. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Stay clear of tanning and deliberate periods of sun exposure. You will get burnt. Ask your general physician for Propanolol, a generic betablocker which will reduce the flushing and persistent redness (to an extent). The generic for doxy hyclate is around $5 per month, and t
  7. At night, applying CeraVe or Cetaphil moisturizing cream works wonders. It will not clog pores and it helps heal the skin, along with acting as a skin barrier. Perhaps when you are working outside, you could wear a hat or visor? That helps 90% of the time!
  8. im guessing your a 3500+ calories a day kind of guy lol

  9. You had acne when you were 13!! :( That's rough. I got it when i was 16 and i thought that was bad:)

  10. How about the typical, "Hey, how are you doing....see you later!" when you go the grocery store. About ten minutes later, you bump into them again and say, "Guess who?! Haha."
  11. solid 185lbs brother. Nice!

  12. serious question bro....Height and Weight?

  13. Oh I had no idea what the drug was used for. Yikes! Yeah, I don't know if I would ever take it.
  14. Hey, Use Cetaphil moisturizing cream (not the lotion) at night around your entire face. Not only does this act as a skin barrier, but it helps repair and nourish our skin. So any blemishes that you may have, would also improve overnight. I would also use Aveeno SPF 30 products in terms of a daily moisturizing lotion. I know it seems like all of these "anti-redness" products are a scam...but the Aveeno Ultra-Calm lotion really does help. (Albeit minor...) Also, if you workout like I do, it may