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  1. yea... i hate bright white lights and the sun. For some odd reason every house i move into my skin looks good in the mirror and generally it looks fine in school mirrors too but pretty bad in the car mirrors =X the worst...
  2. How's your regimen going? Keep me updated since im doing a similar one.
  3. how much did everything cost in total? Because i live in a rich area (Althought im not rich) and everything is overpriced. I mean the goddam bagels at this place are 5 bucks.
  4. hey i'm happy that regimen is working so well for you. I started it too but i couldn't exactly find everything i need yet so i have to go to GNC soon and get it like you said. And did the regimen help with actually fighting the acne or just preventing it. I mean i'm half assing the regimen right now and im broke out again. And when u say 1000mg of Vitamin E how much I.U. is that because mine is 200 I.U. per pill and doesnt say mg. And i heard castor oil can get crap out of your face and you can
  5. do you guys shower when doing this..? I don't plan on doing it but maybe i might next year during the summer lol and just stay home all day. And won't you smell if you don't wash your face for months...?
  6. wait.. you haven't washed your face in 7 days??? i dont want to sound mean lol but that sounds kinda gross. I think you should wash your face i mean it cleans it and otherwise won't oil and dirtjust build up?? Isn't your face oily by now? And water is natural lol so why not wash your face
  7. hey databased what is the type of niacin the doctors use to treat acne. I'm pretty sure its niacinamide but i couldnt find it anywhere so i bought inositol hexacinate or something like that and there are a lot of success stories i found on here about the inositol
  8. Is this a powder? Sorry if that was a dumb question lol and DeadMau5 where did u find vitamin B-2 and Niacinamide. I'vel ooked everywhere (except cvs which i live closest too lmao) I read an article with your regimen and it sounds promising i want to try it too.
  9. Oh yea i see they seem to prescribe accutane for cystic acne or severe. But what i don't get is if it works so well against acne why can't i get it too lol i mean i don't wanna wait to the point where my acne gets really bad rather fight it BEFORE it gets bad. And i don't think she'll give me it because my acne is just pimples that go away after a week but they are always popping up and its consistent and ANNOYING. I guess if i get cystic or nodule acne she'll prescribe it for me but hpefully i
  10. I didn't see any other pics besides the ones of your eyebrow but from the looks of it your acne doesn't seem that bad lol. I think my acne is worse but my derm told me there was no way shes prescribing me Accutane any time soon. She just gave me a topical and if that didn't work she said shed prescribe an antibiotic like solodyn. I was just wondering was your acne severe?
  11. Since april this year.... And it really didn't do anything to me but it seems to not do much so I wanna stop it because i also hear its not good for your skin. Well i think clindamycin is a topical antibiotic but im not sure and i've taken solodyn but it really didn't seem to do much. I took it for a month and it kept me clear for literally a few days after the month then i broke out again and i broke out while i was on it so it was not worth it.
  12. Yeah i have the exact same question. I've heard that it helps lock in the BP or w.e product you're using. I also heard its good to moisturize because every time you wash your face you're stripping away essential oils and it just makes the skin produce more oil. But i really don't know because if i moisturize my skin is oily, if i don't it's a little dry or flaky at first but becomes oily later on. I am also really wondering if it is necessary. but i'm sure most people will say that it is and a l
  13. I've been on dan's regimen with BP and AHA for a few weeks now and i don't get zits anymore just a few tiny bumps and blackheads on my nose which i cannot seem to get rid of. But my skin still gets very oily by the end of the day and i'm planning on getting green cream or Mama lotion. Which do you guys prefer and can i use both dans regimen + AHA with the green cream or mama lotion? or will that just irritate my skin more because im happy with my skin right now and i don't want to mess it up but
  14. Thanks for all the help. The AHA actually doesn't irritate my skin at all nor does it burn. So I plan on using it daily in place of my moisturizer at night. It didnt do much to an active pimple but my skin is definitely more moisturized in the morning and some dark spots are beginning to fade after only a few applications.
  15. thanks! have you tried it? i just don't understand how it 's both a moisturizer and a spot treatment
  16. I just purchased Dan's AHA because ive been on the regimen and it seems to be working quite well. I was just wondering when do i use the AHA during the regimen. After the BP or before? Please some help. And is it more effective the more i put on?
  17. Thanks, i just decided to pop em >< haha but i applied neosporin cream and that seems to work well and on the last one i applied it to after popping it, theres less of a mark then one i just left alone.
  18. I've heard both that you should and shouldn't pop pimples and just let it be. Obviously popping a pimple leaves a possibility for scarring but is it better to just squeeze the junk out or just let the pimple alone? Please i need some help I waste countless periods of time debating on whether or not i should pop it. But I want to be sure it is worth walking around with a flaming white pimple b/c I'd rather just pop it. Please some advicee