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  1. Wow that must take some skill lol. PS: Hot pic :)

  2. Just use sunscreen religiously. I live in Dubai and it isn't that bad if you use sunscreen everyday.
  3. You should tell your mum how it makes you feel. Just sit down and talk to her like an adult (no tantrums) and maybe she'll take you seriously. Trust me, when it comes to your parents you have to be totally and completely honest with your feelings or things will just get worse. Regarding your products, all of us have to deal with the embarassment of going out and buying them lol. Especially from bitchy Boots salesgirls! So just do it! Good luck<3
  4. As long as everything is natural it should be fine.
  5. I'm from Bangalore

  6. I guess. I've only ever been in India during monsoon-ish.

  7. There are attractive people, unattractive people, and the people in between. There will always be someone prettier/sexier than you - in the media and in real life. Putting down celebrities saying they wear a ton of makeup/are photoshopped doesn't solve anything. If this makes you feel "inferior" you should learn to love yourself. Beauty is subjective (look at the replies on this thread) and someone somewhere out there thinks you're cute. Hope this helped the OP more than the baseless discuss
  8. Its ok. Really hot

  9. You did!!!!! You made like a basket-weave or something? It was excellentt

  10. Shimmery blues and greens is very pretty. Tell your friend to check out makeup tutorials on YouTube. Some of them are really good
  11. Maybe a lot of people are just really confident/not self-conscious so you wouldn't notice their flaws as much as you would your own? Stop hiding at home and get out so there's more of us out there
  12. Cocoa butter is supposed to help if you use it regularly during pregnancy or whatever.
  13. I'm turning 20 this year and I still have acne Although it is under control for now. Just find something that works for you and stick with it. Keep your sanity! Good luck<3
  14. Thanks:) I like yours! I read a lot of your posts too - I can relate to them. Take care of yourself :)

  15. No!!! But it sure does taste good!!!! hahaha It was all over Europe when I visited, and I loved chocolate crepes made of Nutella. I found out though that is has hydrogenated oils... a big no no to stay away from. Gosh darn it! I just had a Nutella-banana crepe It was good Guess what?!!! I was in a European market the other day, came across Nutella, decided to check the ingredients once more, and "no hydrogenated oils" were listed!!!!! Guess they changed their ingredients!! A lot of
  16. The fondant you made a while back looked pretty awesome! Perhaps now it will be awesomer? :P

  17. Keeping busy is good! I have just been mucking around mostly lol. Haven't baked in a while either :(

  18. Some people have had success with Head & Shoulders (over a very short period of time). The dress is so pretty Very princesslike!
  19. Thats true it does! What have you been up to? Anything scandalous :P