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  1. where have u gone?!

  2. Well, if you are still using apple cider vinegar, what kind are you using?

  3. Wow that must take some skill lol. PS: Hot pic :)

  4. and thanks for the comment on it =)

  5. oohh haha no that was just plain buttercream frosting. fondant is this http://www.cakeandcandy.com/rollingpin.jpg and is used to make this http://www.giftsandgadgets.ab.ca/images2/Fondant_Class_025.jpg =)))

  6. Just use sunscreen religiously. I live in Dubai and it isn't that bad if you use sunscreen everyday.
  7. You should tell your mum how it makes you feel. Just sit down and talk to her like an adult (no tantrums) and maybe she'll take you seriously. Trust me, when it comes to your parents you have to be totally and completely honest with your feelings or things will just get worse. Regarding your products, all of us have to deal with the embarassment of going out and buying them lol. Especially from bitchy Boots salesgirls! So just do it! Good luck<3
  8. As long as everything is natural it should be fine.
  9. Ohhh... that nice ...iam going there for a concert on 15th may ...so were you born in India?

  10. I'm from Bangalore

  11. cool , where were you in India?

  12. I guess. I've only ever been in India during monsoon-ish.

  13. lol i guess its even more hotter than India