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  1. what does this have to do with acne
  2. thank you so much :] that makes me feel so much better to have support that was so nice
  3. yeaa dude. i remeber the first time i went to one both my parents HAD to come in so it was even more embarassing. when the dermatologist handed me five presriptions ( FIVE. AT ONCE.) i remember thinking wow maybe im uglier than i thought if i need that many. and yea i teared up .
  4. I really want to cry right now. My face is SO itchy from this cream I have to put on. :/ Why cant I just be NORMAL? There are other people who don’t have to suffer like this. Its horrible and its been this way for yearssss! And it doesn’t make me feel any better that my parents constantly point it out or buy me little acne kits which is obviously saying my face is just getting worse. It sucks to just be naturally ugly when all the make up in the world cant cover it up. I hate myself, I hate
  5. ive been considering using that too for like my red marks but im hesitant also haha if you use it let me know how it goes?
  6. what is everyone's favorite foundation? i like almay right now but would like to try something new-what's some make-up thats good to your skin (non-comegenic) but still has good coverage? thanks :]