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  1. Erm i saw a doc few days ago and he prescribed me some doxycycline and bp, its clearing up now, those clustered cyst flattens but theres still brown marks.
  2. HurHur so what products u guys recommend? And i feel that moisturizing is making me outbreak? Is jus cleansing good enough?
  3. DAMN. My right side of my face is starting to swell up. lots of swelled up bumps ..zzz I'm not gonna use those anyway i rather waste my money. The cleansing, toning and moisturizing only makes me breakout but no help. I'm better off using a mild cleanser with nothing else. This is crap. Should i go for professional treatments? Like NewYork Skin solution?
  4. that picture that shows the bump was the nearest to my condition at my right side of my face i could found on the net . I have a huge cyst that exploded 3times near my nose . How to cure it??
  5. Hey thanks! U made me feel better haha. I've been taking 2-3servings of fruits everyday man. Yeah and also the TTO is 1 set from the body shop. TTO facial wash(gel), TTO(toner), TTO(moisturizer) and TTO itself. The toner seems rather harsh though . I guess i should get the seaweed line from body shop next time as i think its not as strong as this. Hmm should i give more time to try this products? been using like 2weeks not much improvements. This sucks, i think is heredity as my mum and dad bo
  6. what u mean by not using cleanser?? i thought the regimen is cleanse>tone>moisturize? and wouldn't taking dairy products aggravate acne?
  7. HELP!!!!!!! Im using tea tree oil facial wash, toner, moisturizer from the body shop for more than a week and my face didn't get better.. I bought multi vitamins tablet yesterday. containing 5000iu vitamin a, vitamin b1 b2 b6 b12 rda % more than 100 each. vitamin c (absorbic acid) 60mg, vitamin E(di-alpha tocopheryl acetate 30iu every caplets Contains zinc and other minerals and vitamins more than 30+. Im having more outbreaks now near the big exploded cyst , alot of papule like this image
  8. No improvements after 1week of using TTO . Sighs!
  9. BUMPS! Now my face getting abit smoother except for the right side of my face, still got 3-4 small bumps. Is it alright if i scrub? i wanna get rid of the blackheads/whiteheads near my nose and how many times can i scrub in a week?
  10. hmm thanks for your advice eh. But i heard TTO and BP works the same ?_? hmm i think i'm using for a month and see if there's improvement. No more outbreaks these few days after 2days of using. There's still alot of whiteheads/non inflamed acne on my nose region, between the cheek and nose. Hope to see improvements!
  11. Oh. But my friends eat fried food like almost everyday man god..=_=
  12. U mean its puberty that's making my acne so bad? But mine is much worst compared to my peers
  13. Erm... i dun think i used any. I didn't sort of take care of my face that time. So eh.. Is it true that tea tree oil shrinks whiteheads? Cause i have a lot of whiteheads on my face. Its like a face full of whiteheads and dots.
  14. Pardon me for the image quality.. I'm from Singapore. Right now I'm 14. I've been having acne since 12 . Damn it got worse in a year.. And i dare not look at my myself in the mirror now. Feeling so depressed . Went for a couple of facial but it doesn't work. Only a few days later it will pop back.. I was using eau thermale avene cleanser for the past month and nothing else. Yesterday, i gotten myself tea tree oil products from The Body Shop. They are: Tea Tree Facial Wash, Tea Tree Oil Toner