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  1. Granted, this laser is for deeper, dermal hyperpigmentation and tattoo removal, but it is very effective, from what I've read. Can anybody comment on this?
  2. If you have hyperpigmentation that will not go away even after a few months or years, it means that the melanin is embedded deep within the dermis rather than the upper epidermal layer. I know... I have spent the past year using chemical peels to slough off the surface layer of the skin, but the melanin still persists. Other things I have tried are hydroquinone and retin-A, neither of which were able to get to the deep root of the problem. Starting next week I'm going to combine hydroquin
  3. Hi mc21, I actually did look into microdroplet silicone injections. The problem is that there are only a few world-renowned injectors of them. And if you want to get it done, you almost HAVE to get it done by the most trusted doc in the field. Right now I can't travel since I'm a poor 19 year old college student. The restylane is holding up very well. It has some pros to it: -- if you screw up, it can go away after a while -- it is going to permanent after a while because it inst
  4. Hey there, I'm asian and used to have scars like yours. You might want to go through my old threads.
  5. Hey guys, I did the restylane injections about a week ago. WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE. There were lumpiness and redness for a few days, but now that they're gone, it is evident that my skin has leveled 80-90%. My right side is pretty much perfect, and my left side is very much improved. HOWEVER... turns out that the indents were only half the issue. A large part of the reason why my scarring was so noticeable was because they were hyperpigmented. I've always suspected this, but I didn't real
  6. Hey guys! I recently had fillers done. It leveled my skin quite a bit. But now that my skin is smooth across, I notice that the scarred areas are darker than the surrounding areas... it is a bit browner in color. No, it is not the "red marks" that are supposed to fade after a few months. These, I think, are actually caused from tethered scar tissue from underneath. Does anybody have a similar issue? And do you think bleaching creams would be a good idea?
  7. Thanks joe! I guess I come across as positive because the the confidence boost I got over the improvement. I'm 19 right now, so I guess I won't have this to worry about my whole life after all.
  8. I was about to buy the homeless man outside my door a house today, but I stopped myself when I thought about him getting burnt by the stove.
  9. Thanks guys. I just booked an appointment to do restylane injections. It's coming up on June 8. Gonna update you all with that soon.
  10. Hey guys, it's time I did another update post I think You can find my previous post (and pics) HERE And here are my most recent pics, taken today. My left side is still kinda problematic, although it has improved immensely. The right side, however, is almost scar-free. I had to tilt my webcam in a very uncomfortable position just to catch the little bit of the indent. However, although the scarred area is no longer indented, it is still a bit redder/darker in color. I put a bit of tinte
  11. I really don't know anything about fraxel, but is the skill level of the practitioner really that important? From what I know, he just bought a machine, read the manual, and used it as such. Anyways, I suggest you take what he says with a grain of salt and lurk more on these boards. I almost made the mistake too of just jumping to the most expensive laser I could find.
  12. I agree with AcneSlayer.......... but this is just a big silly semantics debate. By saying that acne scarring is a "cosmetic" issue doesn't degrade it into unimportance. Obviously this cosmetic issue is emotionally distressing to a lot of people. So yeah. You may be frustrated at your scars but don't take it out on AcneSlayer. She means no harm. lol.
  13. It's hard to say without seeing a photo. Sorry.
  14. Here you go http://www.acne.org/messageboard/ATTENTION...ma-t293715.html
  15. Tape a toothpick to the 4mm one. You can adjust the length that way.