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  1. I have the exact same problem. I rarely get actual acne now, but I still have all the redness. Get rid of that and I'm all good. Hopefully someone has an answer.
  2. You can get acne everywhere, including your butt; trust me I get it there too. I have no idea what to tell you man, kind of a hard area to take care of.
  3. I made that mistake years ago when I first started getting acne. I'm still paying for my ignorance today as the area is still red and it's the only place where I have a legit scar. I agree with the above though. Don't put anything near it and see how it works out
  4. That happened to me last year. For no reason what so ever I broke out completely all over my forehead one day. Now I have virtually no acne there but I have it elsewhere instead.
  5. Woah~ I had a surprise this morning. Usually when I shave my face is kind of irritated and I might get a zit or two because of it. Odd enough I wake up this morning to find that I had at least 15-20 small whiteheads tightly together under my chin. I'm completely baffled by it, never in my entire life have I had anything like this. Has anyone had this happen after shaving?
  6. I would consider an acne scar as anything that resulted from acne and hasn't disappeared over a year. These can be indents, bumps, or . . . brown/red marks. If you just had acne there it might just be left over redness, or continued irritation. Usually brown spots are scars. Pictures would make it easier to identify. Don't despair though, even scars fade away in time and treatments can be done to speed up the process.
  7. I'm on tetracycline right now. I'm coming up on two weeks. By the end of the first week I broke out, A LOT. Tons of redness and new acne appeared and needless to say I was freaking out a little. But I remembered that it could do that and stuck with it. Now all that redness is gone and it's getting little bit better everyday. I'm glad I didn't give up on it. I also use a facial wash every morning and night.
  8. 6 months to get to a dermatologist, seriously? That's crazy. If I wanted to go to a specialist it'd take a week at most. Maybe your normal PCP doc can prescribe it for you.
  9. Pure chance. Although there are variables that persuade where acne should go. Maybe you touch your face a lot but not your forehead. Maybe your hair doesn't cover your forehead, or if it does it's not really oily hair. Personally I've had acne pretty much everywhere, but not all at once (usually) Last year I had acne all over my forehead but to much everywhere else. This year my forehead looks pristine but the rest of my face has really broken out.
  10. I would think that high pressure water on the face would lead to irritation. That being said I do the same thing.
  11. repeating what was said. Leave it the hell alone. I had a pimple story exactly like that when I was younger. I gave it hell and it gave me a scar. Just leave it alone and hopefully it'll go dow by itself.
  12. Yes, To dry is like the skin being to oily, although not quite as bad. I'm guessing you were using some drying products which made your face to acidic. The moisturizer is countering this.