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  1. I tend not to go out either. My family always just imagine me to be this "geek" who just sits on the PC all day playing games, when actually im scared about what people think about me.
  2. Please vote. I am interested to see what people will vote. I think they should. Please discuss.
  3. Hi all. As you've guessed, im sick and tired of doing nothing about my face. Im to freightened to go to the doctors/derm so im going to start on this regimen thing. Could somone point me in the right direction to get started? I have mild acne but it never seems to go away. The scars fade in time but by then the previous spots do the same I dont feel im getting anywhere . What would you recommend to start with? Ill try most things as long as it doesnt make me break out like i always do. Im
  4. Same with me. My forehead used to be the worst about a year ago, but then it moved down to my chin. After 6-7 months my forehead is completly clear. No red marks or anything. However, my acne is still far from gone :/
  5. I grew a beard for about 6-7 months under my chin and along my jawline to stop them from being seen. I also grew my sideburns even though i didnt have any ance there. Seems a bit silly really, but i thought it would make them go away. It was a good idea, but also a bad idea. Firstly, the acne is less visable around the beard so less visable and looks like you have clear skin. The acne is also hidden from you so you dont tend to pick at it. It also gives the acne time to clear while it is still
  6. Well the title says most of it.. but does anyone's face in a way "burn" like sometimes not so bad, then sometimes really bad that you have to wash it off. Reason im asking is b/c i used to use nivea for men mouisteriser while i had acne (still do) and at first it really stung. Anyway, a few months later i got used to it and its fine now. However, my dad bought me clearasil general gel wash for everday use, and it can burn real bad. Ive been on about 4-5 different cleasils prior to this and its
  7. I just found this in a cuboard and it says it can be used for acne, rashes etc. so i thought i would try it. Anyway, one night i saw a single spot that was small (and wasnt yet a whitehead) Like the fool i was, i tried to squeeze it out before school. Anyway i though, oh shit tomorrow its gonna flame up so much so i applied a bit of this cream before i went to bed, and to my amaze it hasnt flamed up at all. In fact, quiet the opposite. It has become less red and visable and i havent had to worr
  8. The majority of us would say that it hurts them as a person when they dont go/dissapear after a while. My confidence went right down when i got them, and the fact that other people dont have them puts us down in our mind that we are something to stare at.
  9. Yeah, i have mild bacne on my shoulders and i havent been swimming since it developed becuase i feel too imbarresed
  10. Leave them for a few days while washing everyday and they will dissapear, if you open up the "head" you will get more.
  11. Im sorry, but no amount of money can compensate for the mental scaring acne does to people.