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  1. If you ever check back, I hope all is well.

    1. Please please do some research. Thats completely wrong.
    2. Oh lord :doh: I cant even be bothered anymore.
    3. Solid food>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Protein shakes Protein shakes should ONLY be implemented in times where you wont have access to good food for a while. Ive said this before in a few threads. Just eat more its as simple as that. People bitch and moan about how they cant gain weight. Yet arent doing the one thing to gain weight. Thats EAT. EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT E
    4. I was actually curious as to who you think is fake? If you go back a few posts u will see!! I dont mean to be cheeky, but you are new yourself lol.
    5. Heres an update on my skin condition. Whilst taking acnescript it got my skin down to a nice level! The best my skin has ever looked! My trial ran out and im awaiting my next order so its been 6 days since i stopped taking the pills and my face hasnt gotten worse! It seems as though the effects are lasting and perhaps even still working to heal my face. Im still sticking to the only water regimen with 1 exfoliation in the evening on wednesday just to get rid of the dead skin that accumulates.
    6. We used to have a fish, but my sister over fed it and it got really fat and died I want a kitty!
    7. Haha i see your points there. I guess you need to ask yourself why a company would willingly harm its consumers? Not a good business plan! It does require an open mind this new product lol All of the ingredients are perfectly fine for you. I did a lot of research into them and they are without flaw it seems. They say theres no fillers or extra stuff in the pills so thats a good sign. I mean why would they lie to us? From my point of view they do seem a genuine company. They've addressed t
    8. Doing the just water regimen is good, however it leaves a lot of dead skin on your face which makes you look pasty. Last night i decided to exfoliate once a week just to get rid of these build ups and today my skin looks amazing! Its only been 2-3 days and i think the effects are still lasting. Im guessing it will stop soon but i hope my order comes through soon. Ive been charged for it so im guessing its been shipped. The just water regimen is evening out my skin tone quite nicely! I think the
    9. your not going to order a bottle of it? Yep i have :) The site is on back order so it might be a while before i get my next order. SKguy im still only using water twice a day. No supps, no creams absolutely nothing. Just a splash of water in the morning, and one in the evening :) Im not taking any supps now or going to change of the water regimen im on. Its more to see how my skin will take this change and to see if acnescript has any residual effects. Im just waiting for my next order
    10. Cheerios have a lot of carbs like almost all the grain products. Carbohydrates make your hormone levels rise and since you got the acne gene you already know the rest. Try reduce carbs from your diet but don't go all crazy. You need get sum to keep your energy level up. O yeah and the sugar causes infection on your skin, prob already knew that. All carbs will affect blood sugar levels, but its the high glycemic carbohydrates which can lead to glycemic stress and therefore are the ones to
    11. Not good! Too much sugar per serving. When it comes to cereal JUST eat oatmeal. All the other cereals out there are just awful. The companies seem to have this mis-guided conception that simple carbs are a good energy source lol.
    12. Right, my acnescript ran out yesterday so this will be the first day i havent taken it. Ill keep you updated on how my acne goes or comes. Theres so many variables to take into account its rediculous! As we are some of the first consumers to try this, its good that we are testing it out and sharing what we are doing. As of today this is the best my acne has ever looked over the past 6 years ive had it!
    13. Vegetarianism certainly has its advantages. By my understanding there are 3 types: 1) Vegan 2) Ovolactovegetarian 3) Semi-vegetarian Dont rush into being a vegetarian as you will probably fail. Common sense tells me that your body will not adjust well to the sudden drop in calories and the overall diet change. Our bodies adapt slowly to change so you need to adapt your diet slowly. I guess it also boils down to what is motivating you to make the change. Lots of people use it to lose weight it