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  1. 10% Bp (clearsil) to 2.5% Neutrogeona on the spot.. the reason? clearsil makes ur face look SUPER red. 10% works i guess, but man...it burns ur face seriously, it's worse than the fuckin acne. 2.5% = BEST choice, dont let anyone else tell ya.
  2. Johnson and Johnson cleanser + 10% BP clearasil..... WOW i mean ill attest to it, its freaking great, my skin has been so nice.. i have a little acne (its midwest wniter, obviously im gnuna break out a little) but i mean wow, its freaking great u guys will like it, !!!!!!!
  3. u guys should try using tinited formula BP... i put that stuff on and it makes my red acne soooo invisible...it's GREAT!
  4. i use neutrogena hair gel...thats a good question, i have no idea..
  5. i think u shuold use the 10%Bp...im using it and i think it works A LOT better than the 2.5
  6. The three things I use... Cleanser : Clean Clear Johnson & Johnson Cleanser.... BP : Clearisil BP 10% Mosturizer : Elizabeth Arden SPF 15 ------------------- I have been on this for about 5-6 days, and all I have to say is, AMAZING. I will post some pictures up soon to show the results. I have to say that the 10% worked extremely better than the 2.5% neutrogena on the spot.....I dont know why but it just did for me. Anyways I will get the pics up to definitely show the results
  7. Doesnt peeling skin get rid of the blemishes? i know its not very cosmetic and it might hurt but wouldnt it be sort of a rapid way to get rid of the very annoying blemishes in ur skin?
  8. Will using conditioner cause ur acne to get worse?
  9. After I put the BP on....it leaves this thin coating of layer on my face...like its dried up and shit.. so if i put the mosturizer on, is it going to mess up the BP? shuld i even have this layer of dried BP on my face..or is that just a sign im putting too much on??
  10. Ok some background information : I have tried an enormous variations of acne medicine...I even did the proACTIV thing a couple years ago.. when i was 13-14, i had severely bad acne..it looked like i had chicken pox, haha. I'm 17 now, and my acne is a lot better. Even with all that scientific study....i swear there is a link between sugar and acne....when i drink a bunch of sunkists....i breakout and get a lot of acne....so i dont know... but anyways, my diet is a lot ebtter, more water, a