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  1. Has anyone ever used these? Its been four day and my acne really seems to be clearing . My face is also less oily . And is it wise to use it with retin a micro?
  2. I thought retin-a micro was a natural chemical peel that makes you lighter.
  3. Form:Currently using leaves Results: Taking it day by day. Face seems to be clearing although. How many times a day I drink it: 3 Hot and Cold
  4. sleep allows time for the body to recover and for inflammation to heal. Thus making it beneficial for acne. Sleep,a good diet, and a reasonable amount of excersise is good. You seem like a very busy person so you'll have fit all of this into you daily activities. I know it seems like so much but you'll feel better living accordingly. Oh and don't mind the writing below, iy0ga. I say let me never be complete, I say may I never be content, "I say deliver me from Swedish furniture, I say de
  5. i never understood why water had a value to it. It would be nice in we were automatically given pure water.
  6. I have heard the HC (Hot Chocolate ) may have more antioxidants then green tea. Should it be consumed? And if so should it be consumed daily?
  7. thanks for replying you guys.
  8. out of 26 of you who viewed my post not one of you could help me out? I mean you could of atleast replied to my answer with a "gee,beat me". Is it that hard to reply to the new guy?
  9. Are their any foods that I can consume to treat this? According to by doctor its the cause of my acne and alopecia! My doctor also told me to stay on a strict diet and I can't consume dairy products,nuts, pops,and fried food. Please give me some assistance. Thankyou.
  10. Me neither but I still always drink it a couple of hr's before bed. Green tea usually calms me down which I think is a major reason why my acne has calm down. Green tea makes you regular also.lol
  11. Green Tea=Caffine=Stress=a major cause of acne Am I not right?
  12. my acne is doing pretty good but its just the alopecia and discoloration that is really giving me problems. School was not to bad today. I just feel like my looks have been taken away from me. I'm tired of having to hide myself so people will only see a certain part of my face only. I feel like a slave within my own mind.
  13. school is horrible for me! I have alopecia,acne, and discoloration. And everytime I talk to girls I always get shunned down. Last yr when my face had moderate acne and a little discoloration girls would actually come up to me and say I was cute and stuff. Know they completely ignore me. I feel like killing myself.
  14. Last night I only got 4 hrs of sleep and I woke up with two cyst. I'm developing a pattern that if I don't sleep more then 5 hrs with my window open I wake up with a few breakouts.