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  1. Today is my 8th day on it and my IB is mostly on my neck with what you described, mostly white heads. And it hurts. but hey, itll be over in no time at all. and this few weeks of breaking out will be worth it once we're acne clear.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. and I feel so much better. cause I def. put my foot in my mouth. After I posted this yesterday, I went to workout and when I came home and got out of the shower, and my back and legs dried out really bad and my lips were chapped. and theyre really chapped today. So I feel much better. And to the first reply, I actually have mild acne. And so question, will starting to take vitamin E now slow the process of the accutane working? And Is PB&J Sandwiches enoug
  3. This is day 7 of accutane. And This is my first week on Accutane and i was fully ready and prepared for the initial "break-out" and for my skin to get really dry and ect ect. I'm actually not on Accutane, insurance won't pay for it. I'm on the generic Claravis. But nothing too major is happening. I'm 165 pounds and on 40mg a day. My face isn't getting dry, it's still pretty oily and I have to wash it over a couple times a day. I'm on a very strict healthy diet, no pops or sodas, no suga