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  1. I can totally relate to what you said about acne being the one thing you can't 'fix'. Whenever there is a problem in my life, I like to fix it immediately. But I've done two rounds of Accutane and every other imaginable treatment and nothing has worked. I hate looking in the mirror, but at the same time, I constantly have to check it to see if there are any new spots to worry about. And there always are. It sucks to feel like you could do SO much with yourself and your life but every time you tr
  2. When I was in middle school, a group of kids that rode my bus told me I should burn the skin off my face. They also laughed at me and told me I was so disgusting that I should just stay home. I've also had customers (when I worked in a pharmacy) ask me what I'm "taking" for my skin. An ex-boyfriend's sister pointed out my acne (karma's a bitch, she has it now, too). Another ex told me that if I didn't look/feel pretty I shouldn't even come over to see him. Luckily, my husband couldn't care less
  3. I've had a few shots before (and another one scheduled for Thursday morning) and I've gotten scars because of them. Personally, I would rather have a scar to cover than a huge hideous cyst (although yours might not be as awful as mine!) From my experience, the indentation usually fills itself in slowly over time. I have several scars- and the ones that I cannot cover with makeup, the horrible ones, are actually scars I helped create myself by picking at cysts and kind of burning my skin with too
  4. I, too, have suffered with cystic acne (along with all the milder types) for at least ten years. In fact, right now I've got a cyst on my cheek so bad that I'm hiding in my house until I can get it injected with a cortisone shot. I'm no stranger to the dermatologist's office. I'm also a pretty obsessive Googler. And to me it looks like the elongated cyst beside your nose could be 'acne conglobata'. From what I've gathered, it's when one acne lesion connects beneath the skin to another lesion, cr
  5. Still on the Loestrin24. For awhile my skin actually got considerably better, with no cysts, just small bumps on my cheeks and chin. So I was thinking that maybe my body was getting accustomed to the BCP and was balancing out. Howeverrrr... yesterday afternoon I noticed a new spot coming in on my right cheek (normally the 'good side') and after some unsuccessful wishing and hoping that it would turn out to be harmless, I awoke this morning to find that it is, indeed, morphing into a cyst. : ( It
  6. Alright, I think I might attempt to make another log... but I don't know where I would place it, seeing as I am post-'Tane, on topicals, BC, and OTC products too. Whatever. We'll see. Anyway, I am still really, really disappointed in Loestrin24. I think I'm going to quit taking it, already. I can't sit around and wait to see if this miraculously improves my skin in 'a few months'. That's not going to cut it. I have cysts ALL over my cheeks and I literally cry when I look at my face. It's DISGUS
  7. Alright, it's been awhile but this is definitely time to update. =/ I... look... BAAAD. I have been steadily getting worse and worse but it hadn't been unbearable until now. I started taking Loestrin 24 last Thursday and since then I have been so messed up. As I type this I am resisting the urge to run to the restroom and throw up. I'm nauseous, dizzy, moody, overemotional, and my face looks the worst it has since before Accutane. I have about 25-30 zits on my face right now, the majority of wh
  8. hope you had a twintastically wonderful April Fool's Day! :) <3

  9. BAD. DAY. Okay, so my six-week period seems to finally be ending. I went to the GYN today and was prescribed Loestrin24 and progesterone pills, which I'll be taking for ten days. The latter will undoubtedly induce ANOTHER PERIOD to occur. : ( And I also got some generic Augmentin for my head cold/sore throat/earache/swollen lymph node. ANNNDDD when I got home from work, I went into the bathroom to find a ginormously huge and disgusting pus-filled sac in the between-the-lip-and-chin area. Yep.
  10. ALRIGHTY. It's been a minute, guys. And even if nobody's reading, I really want to keep better track of how my breakouts go, for my own future reference and such. : ] So... let's dive right in. I look like SHITE. This is the worst it's been yet since I stopped Accutane. I want to upload pics but I don't think the site will let me. I think I've hit the limit. Argh. So for now I will just describe my hideousness with WORDS. I have lots and lots and LOTS AND LOOTTTSSS of whiteheads. Which are ge
  11. Peachy keen, jelly bean! Thanks for asking. <3

  12. Thanks guys! It's nice to be... read. haha : ) Well, to start off, I was feeling surprisingly positive about my face today, actually, until tonight. All day I thought, "Wow! Maybe the cyst isn't going to really rise up or anything after all!" I was thinking perhaps I had misdiagnosed it. The spot is very close to, or perhaps even on top of, an indentation I have from a former cyst that I got injected a couple months ago. So I was thinking that maybe it was just red because the indentation was
  13. I'm doing alright, thank you. How are you?? :)

  14. I see you there. :) I hope you're doing well, lady.