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  1. Before trying any laser treatments for hyperpigmentation, you should go for glycolic peels if you haven't tried already. If you have, then find a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, or a MedSpa (spas with doctors on staff), that offer IPL/PhotoRejuvenation/BBL treatments like Aesthera PPx, Blu-U, Levulan, etc... Personally, I've seen great results on a friend who had the Sciton BBL treatment done, and I'll be doing this after my second ProFractional treatment for the remainder of the small scarri
  2. After the first few days passed, I used a Buff Puff facial sponge with Cetaphil (because it is soap free and gentle enough on fresh healing skin) each night before bed. It helped get rid of the flakiness much faster than on its own. I still do this each night before bed, but with my regular acne cleanser now, as exfoliating gets rid of any makeup or dirt that any cleanser alone doesn't. Plus it helps keep your skin smooth!
  3. For me, the redness mostly went away within 8 or 9 hours, but I was still pink. My skin went back to normal color by the 3rd day, but I had a light PF treatment. If you had a bit more, you probably would have been better off taking 4-5 days off just incase. I did that anyways, because I deal with people all day long, and am not just stuck at a desk or anything. The close-up visibility of the trackmarks/channel holes didn't go away completely until 6 days post treatment. You should still be weari
  4. While the laser can bring out a breakout within the week you've had your treatment, it isn't likely that it's caused you to breakout so far afterwards. The laser removes top layers of skin and stimulates collagen renewal. If it were to cause more breakouts afterwards, when it is supposed to fix the after effects of acne, it most likely wouldn't be approved by the FDA for what it's intended purpose is. The food and beverages you intake, as well as stress, lack of physical activity/exercise, and c
  5. Maybe I just have a high pain tolerance or what, but it didn't really 'hurt' me. Sure, I felt occasional 'rubber band snapping' when the laser hit an area that my skin didn't take the topical as well, but it didn't hurt. And as well with the after-feeling, I felt like I had a sunburn, and it was uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt at all. They told me as well not to touch any of the bleeding spots because it could just cause them to bleed more, but I had minimal bleed spots and I sometimes am imp
  6. I've just posted 3 new photo albums, which are all waiting for approval at this moment, but hopefully they are up & viewable soon! For now, I just attached photos from my last MLP/PF combo treatment that I had last Friday & a photo from the day after. The rest are in my MLP#2/PF#1 album. I am now one week post treatment. All peeling is gone, but my face is still a little dry in certain spots and moisturizer is sucked right up. I had a small breakout again that was brought out by the las
  7. Photos from after my second MLP combined with my first PF treatment [01.09.09].
  8. h0peful

    Post-MicroLaserPeel #1

    Photos right after my first MicroLaserPeel treatment [12.19.08] and the progression.
  9. h0peful

    Before pictures

    Some photos of my scars & problem areas, with & without makeup
  10. So I'm 4 days post treatment. Almost all of my peeling is gone, as I lightly exfoliated yesterday morning and night, and again this morning & just a bit ago. There are some areas where you can still see & just barely feel the channel holes still, but that's only if you're looking up close in the mirror. I feel even more tightness in my skin this time around. Love it. I started using a toner yesterday night as well, but I tested it in a small spot to make sure it wouldn't sting. Still sa
  11. Ok, I'm warning you, this is going to be long! This is my first post on acne.org, and it will include a little of my backstory, and information about two laser treatments I have recently had... As well as very detailed information, because I believe everything should be explained thoroughly and effectively so peoples' questions can be answered to the best they can. Feel free to skip down to the Dates & Treatments if you don't want the long story leading up to it, lol. To begin: I'm 25, new