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  1. I got an interview from aberocrombie (not sure about spelling). I was walking past their store and they pulled me in and started interviewing me, I told them I wasn't interested and walked out. They seemed pretty desperate. By the way LRGBars hope you get the job
  2. I just got back from helping my buds move after school. While I was there I ate nothing but Top Ramen and Cup of noodles and I started to breakout. Just a word to the wise stay clear of Top Ramen and Cup of noodles
  3. try to avoid oxy benzone. I think it's only allowed in the U.S. and parts of Asia. Its been known to turn males into females after long exposure. No lie
  4. Dud I kno how you feel. Your just in a little period of deppression. Just bite the bullet and ride through it. Hope you feel better
  5. I hate to be the negative one but dermatoligy is not only acne, it also involves many other nasty skin problems. But if you really have your heart set on becoming a derm, more power to you.
  6. The soap and bp sound really drying. If you face seems too dry or you start to breakout worse try to at least incorperate a moistureizer.
  7. The regimen broke me out, so I stopped. I'm not sure if it would have worked in the long run.
  8. I think Littlemisssad has every right to worry about accutane and messing with a pregnancy. There maybe long term effects associated with the drug that may affect her in her mid thirtie, when she wants to become pregnant. Let me just get it out there I'm not trying to be bias with accutane. I just don't know the effects of it.