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  1. i havnt had a prescription from my derm yet, but i should be expecting one within the next 3-6 weeks... So i have about 100 5mg tablets here and thought why not...so i took one and began my course. Ive read some articles on low doses and some posts and im happy to start. I know it might be wrong, but im going to see the derm soon and get my blood tests done and im going to be eating as healthy as possible with no extra vitamin a or anything... Wish me luck Day 1 Ate some chicken, swall
  2. what do you mean? i try not to eat sugar but what has that got to do with anything?? Do you guys think this is bad? How long do you think itll take to heal if i dont use accutane..is there anything else i can do?
  3. Im 19 and i have suffered from acne for 6-7 years.. Ive tried all the topic treatments over the years and even resorted to accutane for 1 month before i stopped (i got worried about my hair) Anyway, here are some pics of me i hope you guys can give me some sort of regime to try Currently i just wash my face with a tea tree face wash once a day... thanks for your help i have been quite depressed because of all this..i dont know what to do