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  1. lionqueen: I used Green Cream for a few months and loved how it made my complexion smooth and glowing. However I still had very conjested pores so I gave it up for summer (GC) and have been using rapid clear SA lotion from Neutragena, which def. helps w/ clogged pores however I would like to try either Paula's choice BHA's or mandelic acid and phase the GC back in. I guess my ? is: have you tried Paula's Choice BHA's and if so, how do they compare to mandelic acid?
  2. after upping my dose to 200mg, about 2-3 weeks, the oil decresed dramatically. Skin so soft all day now. Not totallly clear though
  3. i read your story about a month ago and saw your photos that showed your amazing progress. Will you bump te story and pics? Did those results last?
  4. I know it's hard, but you should leave it alone for quite awhile and always wear sunscreen. I had an inflamed area down my left cheek left over from accutane 2 1/2- 3 years ago. time faded it and NOW i use AHA to further fade it. I 'm sure ACV is great stuff, seems to really smooth my skin, but makes it red for days- not what you need right now. You should just use tea tree oil soap and sunscreen
  5. How is everyone else doing on Spiro? Still rather clear much less oil, except it seems like I always have a huge pimple on my chin! This has been going on the entire time I've been on Yasmin. Anyone have luck w/ high estrogen bc? like Zovia or Demulan
  6. Is it dangerous to smoke while on Spiro?
  7. It's been almost 2 years since my (full) course. It never went away
  8. I second the tea tree oil suggeston. Desert Essence has a good one, nonirritating
  9. I remember using Loma Lux when I was about 14 yrs old through 15 and had pretty clear skin. Of course, it may have been my age!
  10. Audrey- Spiro helped me too! My skin's not perfect (I've only been on it for about 2 months, I think) 100 mg, 200 mg day befrore period. I think my initial jawline breakouts were caused by the bc switch I did in late July/early Aug. Skin is soooo less oily! Still some very small breakouts but over all, all is well. I use no topicals now by the way but do egg white and lemon masks.
  11. Kelley- If your skin is so dry, why would you want to ry Spiro? It really reduced my oil production. P.S. Accutane is the devil.
  12. Bunnyboo, How did your 1st Smoothbeam work out? I'm actually ging to have a consultation soon. Even tou I have lots of teeny breakouts around hairline and chin, I'm satisfyed w/ Spiro. I take 100mg/day and I went from being super oily, to a almost normal combination skin type ( I was 2x a day w/ gentle cleanser) I expect to just deal w/ occasional breakouts for a long time. However, I would be 99% happy if this redness can be resolved (P.S. I only very sparinglyuse acne topicals) Keep me upd
  13. I've been on Spiro for over a month. My skin is far less oily which is nice. I still have annoying small chin breakouts that I did not have before I started Yasmin this summer. I think I will continuee with this treatment and eventually get v-beam/smooth beam to take care of the redness. I dont use topicals very often. When is the point when you should give up on Spiro, 2mo? 6mon?
  14. Hey surfergirl we have the same regimine almost! I have been taking 100mg Sprio for almost 2 weeks and Yasmin for about 3 or 4 months. And I just started usin Neutragena Oil free moisture w/ sunscreen, I think I like it so far, does it ever give you any probs? However I dont like bp, it makes my face red (but works well!) I like this reduction in oil alot I used to have to wash my face 3x per day and now i dont so that's wonderful. However, ever since I started Yasmin months ago, I get a 1 bi