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  1. Hello, As most of you guys here I have been suffering from acne since 6yrs now and I have used every products out there. Oral medication, retin-a, obagi nu derm, PCA, PC, clean&clear etc. Obagi did clear my skin but i started getting peels done to get the perfect skin I wanted. In the end I ended up with the worst skin I have ever had. My skin is super dehydrated but there's alot of over production of oil from using all sorts of drying products. Long story short I stopped using all chemi
  2. hi guys...m really confused...if i have a cool or warm skintone...i read on various sites and every site says something diffrent...some say if u have yellow undertones your warm nd some say if you have yellow undertones your cool...tho othrs say if you pink undertones your warm :S nd i jus cant seem to figure out....plzz help