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  1. have you tried updog?

    2. That sounds like updog, to me.
    3. The best thing for red marks is updog! I used it for a week and my red marks faded alot!
    4. That's all well and good but could you do that week in and week out? More importantly, are you the kind of player that steps up his game in the big matches? The best players out there are the ones that take their chances; and i'm talking World class players. Stick it in the back of the net, go on my son! Use the wide men and run the full length of the pitch. Good touch for a big man. Wayne Rooney.
    5. I personally would only use a very small amount to cover a whitehead. The thing with BP is it can render the surrounding area bright red and thus make the spot more prominent. Once you're clear (if that happens) after using the regimen I suggest gradually reducing the amount of BP you use. I stopped using it completely a couple weeks ago and my skin has a much better tone to it, it looks supple, healthy and clear. BP helped control my acne but it made my skin red and made me look like I was 10 y
    6. It never bothered me personally. I've seen girls that looked great first thing in the morning and i've woken up to some that look considerably different when we were in the club, but hey, that's Jack Daniels for ya. Anyway, the important thing is that I still got to have sex with these girls, and a little slap of make up ain't gonna be bother me none, you feel me? I'm glad we had this chat, sport
    7. Ah man, that's a shame, I like the Geordie accent. Much better than the Essex gab, which is reminiscent of a surly prostitute.

      1. Aye Noocassul pet ;)

        1. 1. You do not wish to embarrass your friends by exposing your superior body in public. 2. Shirt is actually attached to your skin by super glue, it was an amusing prank you arranged that ended up going wrong in a 1990's Nickalodeon Kenan and Kel like fashion. 3. Question your friends sexuality and ask why they feel the need to remove their clothes infront of other men (single out the smallest, least liked, or most homosexual friend - then watch group mentality take over your battle). 4. Explain
        2. I agree, I think your skin is still adapting to the BP. Sometimes if I think my skin is looking a little red I just wash and moisturise, red dry skin is just as bad as acne. Thank you, that's kind of you to say =] My skin is ok, don't get acne a lot but my skin tone is not especially good =[

          1. The company is called Intertek, it's near Purfleet station. You must live pretty close to Grays station? And yeah I love Grays, I remember when I used to sign on at the job centre, so many charming characters...

            1. It could be the BP, i don't use all that much but I do apply it twice a day. You using the 2.5% stuff?

              1. The regimen is the only thing that has consistently worked for me, it isn't perfect but I guess i'm content with the results. No matter how your skin looked you'll always look beautiful to me.

                1. Hey dude, yeah I was well chuffed about that £30, I was completely skint so I was able to go out and buy some fags =] How is the performing going? I've been trying to remember that quote you told me once (something about aiming for the stars?)

                  1. I live in sunny and warm Stanford Le Hope, just down the road, I work in West Turrock down London Road! Small world eh?

                    1. It's not but thanks anyway People are always gonna hate on you for one reason or another, i'm glad it's just for my skin and not because of a poor personality.
                    2. ESSEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!