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  1. hey its been nearly 4 months now.hows it going? Im better but still breaking out
  2. Hey Kimminz ! ur improvements is amazing! ur really pretty too! My first 2 months was helll! had a really bad reaction and then was given prednisol which helped alot but since iv been tapered off im gettin a few more break outs. Im been on 40 mg all this time aswell!! and I still have actives ....dont get me wrong its cleared up ALOT but i still continue to have bout 5/6 actives all the time! fustrating when everyones seems to have cleared by my stage ....i started just about the same time as
  3. hey hope your well! IB sucks big time dont it! I though I was over it as it was but Iv had another wave of IB and its SUCKS! its all cyst along my jaw line which gets really inflamed. Really struggling to keep my head up but like your derm said in a month its should be gone. all the best!
  4. Day 28 ( I Think) OK havent writen in a while. My acne was clearing up last time I wrote but now its gotten WORSE! another IB!?!?! I seriously dont know whats going on!! Im getting red lumps/cyst on my jawline and cheeks and they are taking forever to go?!?! it looks really bad now, way way waaay worse than before. I dont get why accutane is not working?!?! why is it making it SO much more bad. i know its suppose to get worse but come on!?! the zits Im gettin now are so much mre bigger and pai
  5. Hey....Just seen your pics. Great improvements already! Just wondering i use E45 cream. Is doublebase better than E45? E45 takes forever to put on as its qite thick and doesnt blend well. However it def seems to be soothing/softening my face. Iv also been using carmex and its awsome! keeps my lips from getting chapped! I drench it on at night and in the morning its normal! ALl the best!
  6. DAY 17 OKay been busy with work and stuff and havent had time to update. Ok IB has calmed down. Less white heads around mouth now. Where I haven got spots looks pretty smoothed now. Forehead is clearing up with one cyst smack in the middle! great... Quite a few cyst along my right jawline to my ear. Theyve been around since the beginning of the IB and hasnt improved. I seem to be getting more cyst now which is really annoying. ALso these cyst seem to bleed everytime I have my shower and the
  7. Hey, Iv started about the same time as you. The first couple weeks was hell for me. Dry skin, cyst popping up everywhere, headaches and sunburnt face. Its calmed down now but still bad. What I recommend is MOISTURISING with a good moisturizer. The first couple weeks I was using different moisturisers testing it out but now Im settled on E45 cos its the only one that doesnt sting me and soothes my face. Iv noticed now my face is now more comfortable and the spots are healing up quick. Iv still
  8. hey I started accutane nearly 2 wks ago now. Currently having an IB which started last week. Been geting worse every day with more cyst popping up! wtf! anyways dont be discourage. The drug pushes out the spots so it looks worse. i got a lot of advice and help form ppl on this site. We are all in the same boat. Side effects Iv had are DRY lips and DRY sore face. Had a headache first few days but they re gone now. So invest in good quality body and face moisturizer and LIP BALM. any questions
  9. DAY 13 Okay this IB sucks big time. Its been gettin worser since I last wrote. Im gettin friggin cyst on my cheeks jaw line and and now around my eye brows! wtf!!! and thing si they hurt!! Acne was never like this before! Im getting al these white heads too around mouth and jawline. Went on a lil rampage today and popped most of them after my shower with a pin. I was careful with the cyst and only poping those with white heads. Whats even more weird is slimey pus/blood comes out! wtf! These cy
  10. Hey Tuttifruttini! You started 2 days after me! Yea sound like my IB. after few days I broke oty with LOADs of white heads around my mouth and jaw line! Never had so many before! I popped a few of them ( i know is shouldnt but couldnt walk around like that) but the next few days I kept geting more white heads popping up! I think Im going to leave it now and wait fo it to dry up as I dont think im helping. Also seen your from London! so am I. Just wondered do you use double base twice a day and
  11. Hey DudeinFl, How did the first month go for you? Have you seen an improvement ? The IB had made it worse then it was before! Iv only been on it it for like 10 days now!
  12. Hey Kim, Nice to know you have a log now! yea IB sucks big time. Im in a horrible IB right now myself. Its the worse it ever been which made me doubt whether accutane is actually making it worse! But this site is wonderful for people with acne. Only you guys understand what im going though. all the best!
  13. hey kim. yea its sucks but guess we have to take it on our chin. Just think 3 months in the future we would be clear of it and have the rest of our lives to look forward to. Its hard I know right now but we gotta look to the future.
  14. hey kimminz :You just started accutane too? Yea Im going to start using bio oil as a moisturiser at night because when I wake up my face is tight as hell. Guess I need to moisturise twice a day. hows yours going along? all the best! just wait in a few months we going to be full of confidence. Nice to know ppl going through the same stuff. Keep me posted! MellisaD: Thanks....yea just gotta stay positive....just hoping itll be all clear by xmas! all the best! DAY 8 Still in the middle of
  15. Okay. Iv always come on and checked out the sight but never really posted much. Iv just started Accutane last week and having a initial outbreak which really got me contemplating whether I ve done the right thing. Upon reading various logs I think it would be a good idea to follow suit. Check out Pedors log. He inspired me to started a log right away. Iv been battling acne for ages now but only gotten severe this year which severely dented my confidence; especially the fact it was my final yea