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  1. Has anyone heard or tried this new procedure for acne scars. Its not a laser, it uses radio frequency waves to help with wrinkles/acne scars. Its also called Matrix Fractional Skin Resurfacing.
  2. well its been about a week and a half of using this and my skin looks worse than when it did before i started. sad to say, but i dont know if this is working out for me. im getting cysts again also. i will stay on this for a couple weeks and see what happens. im considering accutane now.
  3. It will be 1 week that I have been using aczone tomorrow. I can say that I have not had huge cysts like used to. I used to get 1 or 2 huge cysts every other day and would always have to get weekly injections. since using aczone, I have not had those huge cysts. I am still breaking out, but not as badly as before and not as big as before. My breakouts are smaller and they come to a head or go away within a day or 2 the most. If they come to a head i just remove it and put neosporin on it so it ca
  4. So I just started using Aczone and I noticed that the tube is sooo small. When I opened it, half of the tube was just air. How long does the 30g tube last u guys if u use it twice a day. I paid $25 copay, which is great!!
  5. this new med sounds soo good. thanks for posting updates everyone and please continue to do so!! this is the first med i have heard of that promises results in 2 weeks for acne. wow.
  6. so i have been using this sulfer treatment that is tinted and since then i have stopped using my powder. basically, it gives me enough coverage to not wear powder. and the added effect of not using powder on my face has decreased the consistency of my breakouts. the lotion is made by Glytone and is called acne treatment lotion. it gives me a matte appearance and it dries me up so i dont get oily anymore. if u have dry skin, i would not recommend it. basically i use it everyday instead of powder.
  7. have u tried almond milk? it doesnt taste bad like rice milk and it doesnt have the photoestrogens like soy milk. too much soy is not good anyway. almond milk does not have lactose so it is better than regular milk for acne.
  8. go to ur derm and get a cyst injection. it will be gone the next day.
  9. I have tried thermaclear and it did not work for me. I tried zeno and got better results. Try the thermaclear and if it doesnt work u can return it i think.
  10. the acne bacteria becomes resistant to all the products we use on them and we end up with super bacteria where the strong ones survive and become resistant to the products we use. thats why if one topical works at one point, it eventually stops working after some time, especially with antibiotics. eventually super bacteria ill take over the world