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  1. Hey guys, I have been reading this post for a long time and have delayed responding because I wasnt for sure that this Bromocriptine was helping my acne. I ordered some over the internet and its fairly cheap, but I finally got it for my doctor to prescribe it to me. Its already being used off-labely to help women ovulate, so if any of you are worried about having trouble having your doctors prescribe this to you can : if your a woman this is easy because you just have to say that you are trying
  2. The new BP formula has broke me out. The butylene glycol is what did it. On www.makeupalley.com other people are having trouble with the new formula. For some people, butylene glycol causes cysts.
  3. Hi, Dan apparently has changed his BP formula to include Butylene glycol, an ingredients which causes cystic acne for some. I started using Dan's BP and sure enough developed cysts when I never get cysts. I had used other 2.5% benzoyl peroxide creams with no problems before. If you want more information check out www.makupalley.com and type in "butylene glycol" in the search box and a whole bunch of posts will come up.
  4. I used Dan's Bp and it broke me out because of the butylene glycol. I'm sure of it because I've used other 2.5% benzoyl peroxide before with no problems. It causes cystic acne for some. check out www. makeupalley.com and search "butylene glycol". A whole bunch of stuff will come up about how it causes cystic acne.
  5. Yea I used Dan's BP for awhile and it broke me out with cysts. It was the Butylene glycol. I wish Dan would change the formula to use propylene glycol or something similar