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  1. aloe vera, vitamin b5, and nucelle 10% mandelic acid. use an egg white mask 2-4 times a week. it's been working really well for me.
  2. yay they are all gone now! lightly cleansing helped a lot. they were just irritation rash bumpsp and are all gone now. my face has no active pimples right now. yay!
  3. thank you-just took my first application of nucelle last night and it seems to have helped as well. no negative effects as of yet.
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    the very secretive secret album.
  5. dude that is so right. ever since i started adopting the chuck norris mentality of things in life, I've just started to roundhouse kick acne in the face. i have no active pimples on my face at the moment, because i basically told it to move the heck out. good post man
  6. dude don't even worry about appearances. the girls that care about your skin and appearance only are the shallow self-absorbed girls who you really don't want to be with anyways. in fact, if you act yourself and learn to care about personality-you will find someone likewise sooner rather than later.
  7. yeah i think i'll stay clear from hydroquinone haha. to tell you guys the truth, just using aloe vera and simple SA cleansers without touching the skin too much has done wonders. i'll post some pictures up later. also, egg-white masks=AMAZING. i've been taking vitamin E as well. less=more it seems for now. NO ACTIVE PIMPLES AT ALL!
  8. Sounds like too much to be honest...for mild acne you should get a really simple regimen. All that stuff may just irritate/dry out your skin too much and just make skin tone worse. You also have an asian skin tone which usually mark more easily than other skin tones, I have a similar problem, it's hard to find products that help asian or "in between" skin tones. Maybe you can try it out for a while and see how it goes but if it starts to irritate your skin you should try something simple. Don
  9. okay so now i just noticed that i have them around the top of my nose, in the eye socket area! what should i do? original post now updated with pics!
  10. i just put a small squirt. the whole mask is only one tablespoon for me. eggwhite is what tightens. i've done just lemon juice masks and all it does it sting with maybe just a lil bit of tightening. also, the dots are going away, or at least i can't see them anymore. they do appear to have blackness in them though.... So i hope they aren't erupting as small black dots or clogged pores. will update further. aloe vera with a SA cleanser two times a day has helped so far in drying wit
  11. okay yeah-i'm just sort of worried that ACV will make the dots even worse? anyways, the dots are all psychological-no one can see them, i can barely see them. i just don't like the feeling of sandpaper on my skin thanks for the advice!
  12. thanks so much for the reply! i was following delna's 90 page thread regimen, so i did it three days, every day in a row. i didn't use it yesterday when i found the bumps, or today either. i have just been washing using neutrogena's complete acne system's SA wash. I have been applying aloe vera, and it STUNG really badly in the rashy spots at first, but now it is fine. it doesn't even hurt, or itch at all. will continue with aloe vera. don't have cocoa butter? i can use the neutrogena moist
  13. thanks! what should i do about the hundreds of tiny dots on my skin though? they are so small i can barely see them, but i know they are there. i can scratch them off almost, and my skin is flaking, but i don't want to touch them would BP just aggravate it more?
  14. So I have NEVER EVER had acne on my cheeks and temples, but after using ACV toner, eggwhite masks, and Neutrogena's rapid clear AHA for red marks and pimples, I got hundreds of these small bumps. There is about 50, (okay i'm exaggerating more like 10) in the space of a fingernail). They don't hurt, they are flakey, and I can almost scratch them off if I want to. The skin around them is red. It feels like dry skin, but in hard light I can see the bumpy texture. Once again, these bumps are ext