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  1. 1 cup a day is enough .. you dont need to overdue it by 8-9 cups
  2. i wash my face after a shower every night then i dont take a shower untill the upcoming night... and my natural oils are regained but if u reli want to regain ur oils dont wash ur face and take showers at seperate times just shower once a day and wash ur face the same time once a day and u shud be a naturally oily mofo by the end of the day ... somehow when my face gets oily i tend to get many blackheads
  3. if its just that zit try leaving it untill it completely fades.. some zits are just not popaable
  4. french are dirty little basturds and the women dont shave their armpits
  5. why dont we just look at french people and see how their skin is... they never shower
  6. I just got a zit on my forehead and its the kind that has free refills and you cant do nothing about it.. my gosh they are so generous
  7. wow it feels so good eating sugars and carbs again without the thought of getting zits after ...
  8. It has so much natural caffine, that i take it when i want to be up all night studying for a test and it keeps you up alright.. its 11pm right now and im wide awake as i just woke up
  9. i used to drink gallons of water a day yes it did help my acne clear a bit but not as much as green tea
  10. im drinking green tea every day im not getting any colds.. if anything it shud help colds... but i dont know about ur stomach maybe u eat something that upset ur stomach
  11. Liptons is bs.. buy some green tea leaves at a health food store.. just ask them.. its not hard to make.. i saw results after the first day but if i have more thhan 1 or 2 cups a day ur face will dry up internally so be aware..
  12. i just stoped the carb diet while im drinking green tea and im getting amazing results even while eating sugar/carbs
  13. btw its been like a week since im on green tea and im getting totally cleared up... i even droped the carb diet to see if it had an effect and now i can eat w/e i want i had a bagel with penutbutter and jelly and no side effects i am so happy
  14. you guys are rediculous if anything masterbation helps acne.. its a relief.. taking alot of stress out of you.. makes you feel better
  15. i dont understand how u want me to boil it... i just put like 2 teaspoons of leafs then hotwater.. boil it untill bubbling then filter the leaves and drink it????