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  1. oh man, I tried the baking soda, and that stung and made my face so dry! In my experience, the aspirin mask didn't sting, and as long as I didn't rub it into my skin, it was fine. I have dry skin, but not THAT sensitive, so the aspirin mask works fine. Anyways, good luck on getting rid of your red marks! I'm on the same path as you! Time is our best bet I guess. Wish I could fast forward time!
  2. thanks so much! Just to give you another thing to think about....have you tried the aspirin mask? I use that more than the egg thing, and I think it's helping my red marks. If not, it makes my skin so much softer, and I feel so clean after doing it.
  3. It's like a lotion, so yes. After I cleanse, I put on Dan's BP, let dry, then put on the alpha hydrox.
  4. awesome! I actually use the same steps that you do! Except I haven't really been consistent with the egg mask thing, just because it takes more time to make and stuff and it smells. so my question is, how long did it take for you or your derm to notice the results? and how often did you use the mask? thanks!!
  5. Well i do mine 2-3 a week so i don't become used to it. Its been helping alot with my redmarks i think that way because i don't use it alot. Hm. If you are becoming tolerant maybe cut back a day?

    1. Hi ILoveNYC. Are you still on the aspirin mask?

      1. The gentle cleanser is so gentle...that it doesn't really do anything! Makeup stays on, so idk what else would stay on too. I bought a large bottle, so I just use it in the morning to wash off the bp. It does make your skin soft though.
      2. Thank you!! I will try to alternate and see how it goes!
      3. Hey, congratulations! It sounds so much easier than the regimen. So far, I'm just waiting for my hyperpigmentation to go away. I've been relatively clear for the past month, just a small pimple here and there. I'll try your OXY after my skin is 100% clear of pigmentation and pimples! Keep letting us know how it goes! =)
      4. Hey everyone, I've been on DKR for 13-14 weeks now. My skin is clear (knock on wood) definitely 90% better than when I started!! Thanks DAN!!! I used the BP day and night, and moisturize religiously. I added in AHA, but this is where my question comes in...does the BP hinder the absorbance of AHA at all? I put on BP first, then AHA afterwards. Should I just do AHA in the morning and BP+AHA at night? I want these red marks to go away fast, and I'm not sure if the BP is not letting the AHA
      5. I use the SPF 30 light tinted kind. LOVE IT. LOOOVVEEE ITTTTTTT. Used it for about a year and a half now.
      6. I also just started the aspirin mask. I've been on DKR for...13-14 weeks now, so my main concern at this point is to get rid of the hyperpigmentation left. I used the Aspirin mask 3 times so far, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll help the pigmentation go away. I've heard that it's temporary though, due to the anti-inflammatory nature of the aspirin...any thoughts? =)
      7. yup, use Vaseline. not too much though. It saves me, and is cheaper than buying an eye cream.
      8. omg i hate retin a. I never had acne...but i went to the derm b/c i had this weird bump on my forehead, and the derm was just like "oh, use retin a, it'll get rid of it, and you have a few blackheads, it'll get rid of them too". i used it, i flaked LIKE CRAZY omg it was awful to go out in public. I started breaking out on my cheeks. Since then, I have had acne on my cheeks. I stopped using retin a and switched to Dan's regime. Took a while to clear up, but I still have isolated cases on my
      9. right before I sleep, after I put on BP, i layer on a spot treatment of AHA. I LAYER it on. It helps make the spot not dry and cracky the next day, and it also helps the scab PEEL off in the shower so easily. good luck!