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  1. How come when I started accutane I didnt breakout in da beginning but its supposed to happen right? Even tho I dont break out in da beginning of da course, could I sitll break out really bad in da middle of it? Im on my 6th week I think.
  2. So Im not really feelin pain on my eyeball. More like the eyelid. Like it's irritating. N since last night it was a little swollen. Is this due to the accutane?
  3. yea everything causes some type of cancer, yet everything prevents some other type of cancer. Isnt that sexy?
  4. Ever since accutane Ive been having eye irritations. Like i dunno how to explain it tho. But is this a side effect from Accutane n is it ok to get this?
  5. whoa whoa whoa, a little defensive there arent we? u must get them a lot from all ur jack off sessions.
  6. I need to add that I am also on accutane. I have no pimples now, it cleared up. But i still have whiteheads on my nose. Why is that? N im afraid scrubbing them out wit apricot scrub or whatever will get rid of them but leave holes. So is there neway to avoid leaving holes, or does the holes atleast clear up too?
  7. I have like blackheads n whiteheads around my nose. N theyre kinda prickly n stuff n it feels weird like i go to da mirror n i scrunch up my nose n i can see em. N when I try pullin 1 off, it leaves a little hole. Wtf? So if used the strips, I imagine it would remove them but itd leave my nose with a bunch of holes. Wat da hell should I do?
  8. Well i've been on accutane for around 1 month and my doctor gave me lotion for my skin incase it gets dry. Well my cheeks n forhead werent dry but my nose and chin looked like it. N the lotion didnt work. N then i look and it dont look like dry skin, it looks like whiteheads or wutever, u noe those little white things that stick out. Is it normal to break out wit those on accutane?