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  1. i'm going to be living near the beach this summer shortly after i'm completed my accutane treatment...if i wait about a month before i start going out in the sun and swimming in the salt water and stuff do you think it could be damaging? will the sun damage the post-tane redmarks?
  2. i hav very oily skin...sucks...anyway i know accutane usually takes care of this almost completely but what about when i get off accutane? is my skin going to revert back to oily-ness?
  3. Ok ummm been awhile since I last posted and first of all I know I can't really drink on accutane...not a big deal with this idea...I'm in my third year at school and I really want to give accutane a run through but I just don't think I could juggle school, the dry-skin, side effects, and that initial break out which I'm dreading. I decided I'm going to take a semester off, already have an apartment lined up for next year. I figure I'll go out and live with the family for a few months, be a her
  4. yo i have an 8 AM and this is how i handle it....roll outta bed...check urself in the mirror make sure your face doesn't look 2 shitty...maybe throw on some moisturizer in a couple places if it's dry....roll 2 class get that shit over with....actually i have 2 classes but each only 50 minutes...anyway, get the classes done-zo then just head back to my dorm/apartment and shower it up baby trust me...do this instead of gettin up at 5 fucking 30. fuckkkk that a. chances are you're gonna be up late
  5. i've been cleansing in the morning, then cleansing and BP at night, i like this better actually cuz my face doesn't dry out at all with this method, plus i am usually short on time in the morning... i think BP just at night, as long as you cleanse in the morning is nearly as effective, at least in my case, but don't get me wrong i was doing the twice a day deal for close to a year and i don't think i can progress much more...all that's really left are these damn faded red marks that i can't seem
  6. nice man, yeah def keep me posted.. btw where are u buying these pads? i live in teh states in shitty little new hampshire...having trouble finding em
  7. thats a good idea ssl, just have em around if you don't have a lot of time to all the people who are afraid to try the pads i understand your point of views... but you can't always live in the past, so to speak i mean, i think companies should be working on better ways to apply bp all the time, one of the worst things about acne is having to look at your face in the mirror every morning and night and inspect it for the imperfections, then you have to actually rub your finger over it and FEEL t
  8. danny boy looks like we may not be buying your tubes anymore, you gotta get with the times man check out these new stridex BP pads at www.stridex.com all lets hear some opinions i think they look pretty great, but then again i don't know a whole lot about em
  9. ok no money i just needed you to read this i've used this "great" regimen for about a year now and it worked great even tho i've probably wasted abuot 2 full days of my life cleansing and applying BP, moisturzing...god i hate it SO MUCH anyway my face it decent now i guess, it's so hard to tell ya know? some days it will look fine, then somedays i just get fuckin pissed and think it looks like shit..i think i'm losing it anyway there's still the occasional big pimple that pops up which i gues
  10. turtle much respect to you and i'm incredibly jealous u get to see talib!! whats your fav. song on the new mos def shiz? idk it's a tough choice with so many different types of songs..rock..rap..R & B...no matter what it's still TIGHT! idk i think my current fav is sex,love,and money...the bass on that jam is intense when i blast it my Hyundai it ALWAYS turns heads haha
  11. every1 knows skitch is better i think he made that obvious...i think when you log onto this website it should say skitch's rhymes to chekit's rhymes is like lobster and steak to a midget punching you in the balls alot
  12. 7 of us are reading this wow.... hi chrisyak, chekit, stinkoman, elsa, 1 whippedmom, and cojabo ....yeah i definitely have nothing relevant to say oh wait! GO RED SOX!!!! EDIT: turtle i love ur signature pic of mos def he's dope even if he is taking off his shirt....please tell me you bought his new CD