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  1. If i am in Europe, yes. But I am in asia and it is really normal here.
  2. Never heard Neutrogena had a tinted moisterizer.
  3. m2! I also only get them on the cheeks, but I drive alot of gokarts, so I have to wear a helmet all the time :/
  4. when i use the neutrogena, it makes my red marks appear worse. I have asian skin though.
  5. If it doesn't ball up with the BP then why not.
  6. I find they are great! also my face looks great for the rest of the day, and sometimes the day after. I think it gets rid of all the crap thats there by sweating it out. some people say it is bad because it makes a good living environment for the bacteria, but i think it kills it.
  7. I want to go on accutane aswell. I asked my friend today, because I could see all his scars from his acne when he was younger. He said he just took something called accutane for a couple of weeks, and he never saw a pimple again. I mean it would be great it would clear the acne, but also prevent it in the future.
  8. 10% BP seems a bit harsh, but if your skin can take it, who cares!
  9. Has that "don't drink any water after you eat" helped with anyone?