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  1. I did apologize to her about an hour ago. She kept asking if I wanted to talk about it. I honestly don't. I told her it doesn't make me feel good to talk about it and to put myself in a vulnerable position. I literally tear up and get a frog in my throat at the thought of talking about it. I told her that the topic of "skin" makes me extremely uncomfortable. She promised not to bring it up again I know I was wrong. But years of ridicule and depression have me really guarded. I'm trying to wo
  2. Last night me and my roommate were joking around. She kept poking me: in my side, in my shoulder, and finally in my forehead. She goes, "Look! I poked you so hard, it left a bump!" I have exactly two pimples right now, one on my forehead and one on my cheek. I immediately got offended, told her good night and went to my room. I sent her a text a few minutes later saying, "Please do not make comments about my skin. It's a really quick way to piss me off. You don't know me very well so I am te
  3. lovely61616

    soooooo it came back. FML

    after an entire summer with clear skin, i'm back to square one.
  4. LOL Thank you! That was my after pregnancy shape now i'm just skinny...boobs went back to no man's land haha.

  5. Thank you guys for all the kind words. It honestly helped me out A LOT!!
  6. Well the reason I'm so upset is because I honestly thought my skin looked fine.I was feeling really good. I've been around him at times when my skin was waaaaaay worse. And for him to say that made me feel awful. Tears started building up in my eyes instantly.
  7. Well I never really thought my skin was really bad.... but comments like that hurt no matter how severe your acne is (Especially when it's coming from a parent). It was just mean.
  8. So I got accepted into UIC and I had to move out on my own to Chicago. It's been really stressful/exciting and I've been working really hard to convince myself that i look good despite a few marks. Well anyway, my father was helping me move some stuff to my apartment yesterday and out of NOWHERE he asks, "So umm did you run out of your acne medication?" It REALLY hurt my feelings because I only had about 4 or 5 pimples and a little scarring. Just before he said that, I was feeling really good ab
  9. I think a lot of people are taking offense to this post because they have more severe acne than him. And by him saying that he looks bad or ugly, he is in a way insulting everyone with his skin type and worse. So yes, I'm pissed too!
  10. Acne does NOT take 3 weeks to form [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]. That is the biggest piece of bullshit I have ever heard (not that you're the one who came up with it - I hear it everywhere). Seriously, if I drink a carton of milk I will have several cysts the next morning. I go for three weeks without whey protein and be clear, but the day after I take it I will break out badly. If I miss one application of BP I can get whiteheads sprawled all over in a matter of hours. Bloody lie, that.
  11. When I was 14 i had really bad breakouts on my forehead. My uncle: " it looks like the pimples on your forehead are spelling out HELP ME!!" It's kinda funny now, but i cried for hours after that. What kind of grown ass man says that to his 14 year old niece???
  12. Have you ever tried Ambi Targeted Mark Minimizer for your dark marks?

  13. I just stopped stressing about acne and believe it or not, it just went away. But here's my "Regimen" if you were curious: I wash my face once a day in the morning in the shower(AMBI usually, just nothing harsh) Witch Hazel toner No make-up Eat 2 tablespoons of flaxseed And make sure to drink one Naked juice everyday I figured if i just started acting like my brother (who has flawless skin), then I might be able to cure my acne. Who knew it would work. LOL. Good luck everyone
  14. Thanks. i realized that i don't have acne on my back or chest like others that have acne. so i wondered,"Why do i have it on my face? what is so different about my face?" Duh!! I put all this shit on it everyday and it basically has been eroding the natural oils and skin cells on my face. my skin produces more oil making my face more susceptible to breakouts because i took away my skin's first defense. Combine that with depression and anger and you have ACNE!!
  15. About a month ago i was reading this post where a guy mentioned that people with clear skin usually don't have regimens or really think to much about their skin on a daily basis. I however, stress out every time i get a new break out and throw every chemical i have on my skin. Which obviously made it worse. So basically what i'm saying is this: Ever since i've changed my state of mind from "OH MY GOD!!!!" to "Oh well", my skin has been actin like "normal" people's skin. I wash my face twice a d