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  1. Hey man. I'm not sure what that is. How old is the scar? I have some scars like that on my chest. I doesn't look raised or depressed. It looks like hyperpigmentation. Or maybe it's some kind of atrophic follicular macule scar. Being coloured due to the underlying blood vessels. Will most likely fade over time. Or fade to an ivory colour.. But yeah how old is the scar?
  2. Hey i was just wondering if anyone as tattooed over their bodyacne scars, I know that tattooing over scars can and has been done in the past. I was just wandering if anyone has tried this, Pics please!!
  3. Hi, I've got acne scars on my back chest and shoulders. They are hypertrophic scars I think, Pink/purple and slightly raised. I was wondering if there were any cosmetic procedures to reduce the appearance of my scars. My dermatologist says the skin on my chest back and trunk is different to the skin on the face, and so most procedures (ie dermabrasion, peels, laser etc.) will not work on my chest/back scars. I've done a bit of research and from what I gather, Fraxel and Pulsed Dye laser have b
  4. Hey buddy, It sounds like youve got post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, These are not permanent scars like hypertrophic/atrophic or keloid scars. So consider yourself lucky! They may take up to a year to fade away, but they will fade completely. I had this type of scarring, I found that being out in the sun and tanning with suncream helped fade my scars. But most people will ttell you not to expose scars to the sun within 6 months to a year of getting them. It's up to u.