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  1. kennah

    Spiro Didn't Work For Me

    Did the brand name make a difference?
  2. kennah

    Jojoba Oil Purging

    Did it work? I'm starting my second week and getting small bumps still?
  3. kennah

    jojoba oil - initial "purging"??

    Did your skin clear on the jojoba oil? I'm a week in and still getting small breakouts I didn't get before. Not sure whether to stop or not?
  4. kennah

    AHA Glycolic acid expired?

    What happens if it is past the expiration date?
  5. kennah

    Amoxicillin Replacement?

    Thank you for your response! I was on bactrim for two years. Spotless skin, but then grew resistant. After many months lucked into clear skin again right before Accutane with spiro, bc, and retin a. That has kept me 95 percent clear for FIVE years. Sadly out of no where skin started breaking out again. I think derms hope is just going through a hormonal flux and so the amoxicillin will get me through it. Who knows!! Acne is the worst. Literally hiding these days!
  6. I just started amoxicillin too. Curious as well.
  7. kennah

    Feeling Very Discouraged

    It took about six months on spiro and then it totally worked. Kept me clear for five years. Sadly now starting to break out out of no where. I freaked out and increased my dose on my own (I know, I know). Now back to normal dose and taking amoxicillin. But getting (and started to get when I upped the dose) the small little bumps all along my nose by my mouth and by my chin. So I think that may be your hormones regulating.
  8. kennah

    Spiro User, Need Encouragement!

    It took about six months for spiro to kick in for me. But once it did I stayed clear on it for five years. It was amazing. I felt like how normal peeps felt ha. Sadly about a month ago after having a rare skin disorder my skin started breaking out again out of no where I'm not in amoxicillin. I think my dr thinks it just a random thing and hopefully in a few months it will pass and the spiro will start to work again. I forgot how bad I hate this crap. Keep ditching my friends and they are gettin
  9. kennah

    Round 4

    How did your fourth round go. Considering a third round.
  10. kennah

    antibiotic question

    Curious to your results?
  11. kennah

    Amoxicillin Replacement?

    I just started on amoxicillin. How long did it take for u to see results do u remember?
  12. kennah


    I'm just starting it. Today was first day. How long till u saw improvement?