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  1. Still breaking out. So sad. Have three more weeks till the two month mark after accutane. Derm wants me to go that point and if not clear we will reevaluate.
  2. Day 13: morning was good ha. Most of forehead small bumps were down and just two small new ones. Rest of face (besides big one in hair line) good. Then looked tonight (trying not to look as often ha): and a few more small ones on forehead so since forehead is oddly going through something going to just say forehead small but a good number of pimples until it hopefully stops instead of exact number (so odd bc forehead wasn’t a big issue during TANE) besides forehead got a redish white head (slig
  3. Day 12: okay so small ones are lingering more than big ones, oddly. The one on side of lip is pretty much gone. The one between eyes is smaller but still there as is one (of the two from yesterday) on the forehead. Got two more on forehead (again both small) and new one next to my nose, small whitehead . So no big ones right now just five to six small ones, with a few of those almost gone. Again if I could go one to two days without a new one would be clear. Here’s hoping that happens.
  4. Day 11 (sat): still going quick but all coming quick. Pretty much all the ones from yesterday are flat and either gone or almost gone. Had two small ones on forehead this morning and another one between eyes and to side of lips tonight. So four small ones. I feel like if I could go one day without any new ones I would be clear. Since coming and going so quick feel like it’s still the medicine doing something. My derm did send in a prescription for amoxicillin for one month to help with transiti
  5. Day 9: Still breaking out. One quite large (either large pimple or small cyst) on cheek in the morning and by evening two tiny ones on side of lower nose and medium coming in left of mouth. Most of the others have flattened or gone, still have two recovering on nose and between eyes. I think the writing is on the wall that I will have to do another course in two months. Day 10 : I messaged my Derm because I'm just breaking out all over the place. Another one on my poor nose,
  6. Day 8 (wed) - good news, several from yesterday’s big bad day calmed down and a new one on my forehead of this morning is already gone tonight. Bad news, new one on nose (so two somewhat angry ones on nose) and new small one in between eyes. Still trying to keep up the hope it clears up this month. But besides the one almost cyst, can only see three actives. Better than yesterday.
  7. I just finished 8 month (though with extra weeks here and there between appointments was a week short of 9 months) of accutane with a final cumulative dose of 280-300/kg. I'm 65 kg (60-80-80-80-100-100-100). Yes very high. It was a roller coaster the whole time. I would almost clear, then again break out. It was the same the same tune the whole time. Some months it was lots of small pimples, some months cysts would make an appearance. It came and went came and went. I had the side effects,
  8. Did you ever stop breaking out Megan? I'm in month 7 and still breaking out! My doctor thinks I'll be on it until month 8 maybe month 9 - over it!
  9. Thanks to you to have for responding. I may on Absorica which doesn’t require to be taken with food. I may need to try the no dairy! I was told it would still work for even hormonal acne. But who knows. Ugh!!
  10. This post made me cry tears of hope! I am at month 6 and breaking out so badly. Was thinking maybe time to go off it because just not working. maybe I need to give it a bit more time!
  11. I'm so frustrated! Has anyone still been breaking out at 6 months of Accutane, but then cleared up in Month 7 and 8? I took it when I was 19, then 25. Both times it cleared up completely within a few months, but acne came back. After the second time, spirno and bc kept me clear until a few years ago. It’s slowly worse and worse so back on Accutane at 41. But this time I’m finishing up month six and still breaking out SO BAD! I have moments of almost clearing then break out. Right now I'm p